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Flat Flex Cable (FFC)/ Flexible Printed Circuitry (FPC)

Flat Flex Cable (FFC)/ Flexible Printed Circuitry (FPC)

Time-Saving Flexible Conductor Cables and Jumpers

Whether you need flexible printed circuit termination, board-to-broad interconnect solutions, or high-density cabling, Gopher Electronics is here to help. With years of experience facilitating operations for industry professionals, our certified technicians can assist you with choosing the most cost-effective, efficient solutions.

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When it comes to flat flexible cables (FFC) and flexible printed circuit (FPC) termination, Gopher Electronics is a reputable forerunner. Not only do we terminate flexible cables and printed circuits/membrane switches to suit our clients’ needs, we also offer FlexStrip Jumpers and Ribbon Cable for electrical system assembly and upkeep.

Versatile Cabling Options

Flexible printed circuitry terminations can be customized for flexible printed circuits and membrane switches – resolving connection issues, managing thermal applications, and cutting back on costs. FPC offers a variety of beneficial features, such as total flexibility, insulation capabilities, cost-effective assembly, and circuit board/wire replacement.

Flat flexible cable is a highly versatile product available through Gopher Electronics in numerous pitches. FFC is designed to meet the requirements of high-density cabling operations, and can be formed into a variety of shapes – making it one of the best high-flex cables.

Ribbon cable is a flat multi-conductor cable that’s used mainly for internal peripheral connections. Our ribbon cabling comes equipped with a variety of features, such as 50 and 100 centerline, AMP-latch connectors, notching and more.

FlexStrip Jumper Devices

Custom FlexStrip Jumpers offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional wiring, and are designed for board-to-board applications. FlexStrip doesn’t require lengthy preparation, and offers high-flex capabilities, as well as tin plating, round-to-flat transition, pitch options, and specially-designed copper conductors.



Flexible Printed Circuitry(FPC)







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FPC Solutions Guide (PDF)

FPC custom terminations for Flexible Printed Circuits and Membrane Switches. This allows unique designs to solve interconnection problems using flexible circuitry.

    • Replace circuit boards and wires
    • Reduce assembly costs
    • Solve packaging problems
    • Reduce weight and space over traditional round wire harnesses
    • Dynamic Flexing
    • Thermal management and high temperature applications
    • Aesthetics
    • Insulation materials – Kapton, Mylar and Teflon
Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)

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FFC Solutions Guide (PDF)

Also known as flexible flat conductor cable, this product is lightweight, low profile, small outline cable designed to satisfy high density cabling applications.It excels in applications that cause the cable to be flexed repeatedly.FFC Cable can be folded into shapes as needed.Flat flexible cable is designed for high cycle life applications as well as for board-to-board jumpers.The flat flexible cables are available in a variety of pitches to fit a broad spectrum of applications.

    • Copper conductors rolled flat for high flex life
    • Available as blunt-cut, stripped and tinned for zif connector or terminated with solder tabs, pins or receptacles
    • Choice of conductor pitches accommodates a variety of PCB hole patterns
    • Insulation is polyester that is permanently laminated to the conductors
    • Cable assemblies may be "connectorized” to mate with industry standard headers
    • EMI/RFI shielding is available either in the form of a jacket placed around the cable or of conductive ink printed directly on the cable’s insulation
Custom Flexstrip® Jumpers

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Flexstrip Solutions Guide (PDF)

Flexstrip Jumpers are multi-conductor board to board interconnect devices, pre-plated and ready to use without wire stripping, cutting to length, or solder preparation.They provide a convenient, reliable alternative to conventional point-to-point wiring.A Flexstrip Jumper may be repeatedly flexed without failure.The benefit is that its round-to-flat conductor design and one piece construction give vibration-proof reliability and longer life expectancy than conventional wiring systems.

    • Round copper conductors rolled flat for high flex life
    • Tin plated for easy soldering
    • Round- to-flat transition zone permits flexing stress to be distributed evenly throughout the flat conductor area
    • Round pin ends facilitate PC board insertion and long life
    • Round-to-flat design provides vibration-proof reliability and long life
    • Round- to-flat transition zone acts as a hinge between PC boards
    • Choices of conductor pitches accommodate virtually any PCB hole pattern
Ribbon Cable

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Ribbon Cable is a thin, flat, multi-conductor cable that is widely used for internal peripheral connections in electronic systems.Our capabilities include:

  • 50 and 100 centerline
  • Up to 50 conductor
  • Notching
  • Strip and Retain
  • AMP-Latch Connectors
  • MTA style Connectors

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