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The MICRO SWITCH™ V15W is a miniature-sized basic switch designed for harsh-duty, wash down areas. Rugged yet precise, the Series gives highly accurate machine control for turning circuits on and off. The V15W can be used in a wide range of challenging environments, including food packaging plants, forklifts, ATVs, golf carts, lawn mowers, garbage trucks, salt trucks, commercial buses, and wheelchair lifts for conversion vans. Choose the V15W when the application needs accurate repeatability in a compact, lightweight and long-lasting basic switch. This switch signifies an expansion of the proven and reliable, MICRO SWITCH™ V15 Standard snap-action switch series.  By utilizing an epoxy resin, the V15W Series switches deliver high sealing capability with an IP67 rating (pre-leaded only).   They may also be used in dusty places or in washdown applications.



  • Degree of protection: IP67 (except terminal parts) to operate under difficult environmental conditions
  • Wide current range: 0.1 A, 5 A, 10 A
  • SPDT, SPNO, and SPNC options
  • For engineering design flexibility, the V15W Series features a variety of straight, roller, simulated roller, and special actuators to choose from
  • Pre-leaded wires for easy installation
  • Special terminations available upon request
  • Gold contacts available
  • Wide temperature range
  • Metric or USA mounting holes
  • Long mechanical/electrical service life
  • Global approvals: UL, cUL, ENEC, and CQC for reliable and consistent performance within a range of conditions
  • RoHS compliant