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Gopher Electronics prides itself on “Providing Distribution Solutions”. What does that mean for you? It not just about the parts! We work as a partner in your supply chain to reduce costs, improve turns, eliminate waste and minimize liabilities. With our programs and services you are able to reallocate precious resources to tasks that bring money to the bottom line.
Bonded Inventory
  • Eliminates lead time headaches
  • Locks in a favorable cost insulated to fluctuating market conditions
  • Ensures the material is available when it is needed
  • JIT, Dock to Stock, Delivery to the specific work cell
Forecast Management
  • “Maximum Flexibility with Minimum Liability”.
  • Know what you want but not exactly sure when or how many? We enable material acquisition based on your historical and projected requirements. View this as an unscheduled blanket order process. 
Source One Alliance (
  • Source One Alliance is a Supply Chain Portal that helps reduce cost using a 2 bin KanBan system across a wide range of product requirements.
  • Provides once monthly summary invoicing across multiple suppliers.
Customer Portal website partnerships
  • Many companies are outsourcing the transactional portion of their requirements to their suppliers. Whether it be via EDI, Supplier Portals or something as simple as Email we will monitor your requirements and deliver product as needed. 
Vendor Consolidation
  • Do you have hundreds of active suppliers? It is most likely that you do. Vendor consolidation is one of the hardest programs to implement in a meaningful way. At Gopher we have well established relationships with hundreds of suppliers. Our flexibility and ethical business practices make us a preferred supplier to many companies. Consolidate those small suppliers with Gopher and keep your cost of doing business low.
Bar coding
  • Experience with most all current formats
Kitting services 
  • OEM or MRO kitting.
  • Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors
  • Membrane Switch Connectors
  • Flex Strip Jumpers
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Control Panels re-designed and built       
  • UL Repackaging
  • Cable Harnesses
  • Light mechanical Assembly
Click HERE to learn more about our Custom Solutions
When it comes to service, Gopher Electronics has the experience and solutions to support your needs and make each program a success. Contact your Representative and start saving today!

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Amitriptyline for Nerve Pain

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