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Eaton Green Solutions are products, systems or solutions that represent Eaton benchmarks for environmental performance. The green leaf symbol is their promise that the solution has been reviewed and documented as offering exceptional, industry-leading environmental benefits to customers, consumers and communities. Though all of Eaton's products and solutions are designed to meet or exceed applicable government standards related to protecting the environment, our products with the Green Leaf designation further provide "exceptional environmental benefit."

How It Works

Eaton's Green Leaf designation is modeled upon existing global standards for environmental claims, including:

  • Third party certifications and endorsements (where available)
  • Analysis of potential negative attributes, trade-offs and risks
  • Thorough documentation
  •  Higher level of customer environmental benefits

A cross-functional panel from Eaton's corporate groups and businesses review the applications and make a decision to award the Green Leaf. Ultimately, customers and consumers provide the final - and highest - level of approval by choosing our products for superior environmental performance.

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