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Here is what some of Gopher Electronics' customers are saying:

Datacard, Eden Prairie, MN

Mark Hoddard, Datacard IT:
"One key to Datacard’s success has been our constant pursuit of Continuous Improvement. Datacard was looking for processes to increase efficiency and lower the workload on the business. Today Datacard uses the expertise and resources of Source One Alliance  members, resulting in almost no stock  outs and inventory turns increasing from single digits to 16.7 turns, in 3 years time. Some of these Process Improvements include Advance Ship Notices (ASN), CXML  PO’s, and Electronic KanBans, yielding significant transactional cost savings to Datacard.

Ecolab, Beloit, IL

Travis Hintz, Director of N.A. Equipment Procurement:
In 2011 Ecolab needed an alternative solution for one of its charger units. In order to gain a thorough understanding of the customer’s need, Gopher’s team researched lead acid batteries/ charging algorithims/ and overcharge. A custom charging solution was recommended and readily accepted by Ecolab. While the custom changers were being provided, Gopher and Ecolab sought to improve the existing charging unit as well!  Towards completion of the project Jeffery Marshall (Master Black Belt) commented “the most impressive aspect of Gopher  is the thoroughness of its team. The amount of time invested demonstrated to Ecolab that Gopher was truly attentive to Ecolab’s interests”.


Beckman Coulter, Chaska, MN

Beckman Coulter engineering designed a sensor in an application that included a lead wire and a connector. The application required the sensor to plug into another device, on which was an unmatable connector.

Gopher Electronics provided the solution by reworking lead wires from the sensors applying new lead wires with a matable connector.
This design required de-soldering and re-soldering within a very close proximity of the sensors chip Gopher developed a “Before and After” testing procedure to ensure repeatable accuracy.


Nilfisk Advance, Plymouth, MN

Nilfisk Advance opened a manufacturing facility in Mexico and has gradually transitioned a number of products from their US operations. One of the challenges encountered with this move was the lack of access to product with the same service levels enjoyed in the USA.

Nilfisk initially continued to take receipt of material at US plants and moved the material over the border to the Mexican manufacturing facility internally. This presented a problem, as the cost savings realized by the manufacturing move were being offset by increased costs in the movement of the material into Mexico.

Gopher Electronics worked with Nilfisk and a proximity warehouse was set up in Mexico to service the Mexican plant’s manufacturing needs. A process for releasing the product in standard lot sizes was agreed upon and a Just In Time delivery system was implemented.

Stratasys, Eden Prairie, MN

Stratatasys specified an off-shore supplier, providing an excellent design solution but were required to receive large quantities per shipment.

Stratasys needed a logistics partner to manage lead-times, inspect the products and deliver on demand (based upon forecasted usage).   Gopher Electronics provided the solution by purchasing components in large volume, allowing Stratasys flexibility to release as demand dictated.


At Gopher Electronics we strive to not only deliver electronic components, but to provide the best solution.