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Comus offers a number of reed switch options to meet a variety of application needs. Reed switches are operated using a magnetic field generated by either a permanent magnet or current-carrying coil. Unlike other magnetic sensing devices such as Hall Effect sensors, reed switches require no power to operate. This, coupled with their very high value to price comparison makes them an ideal choice when an application requires high reliability with little to no power availability. Reed switches are available as form A (normally open), form C (changeover) and form B (normally closed). 

Types of Reed Switches Include:

  • Dry Reed Switches
  • COTO Technology Reed Switches
  • Mercury Reed Switches
  • High Voltage Reed Switches
  • High Power Switch Modules

Potential Applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Domestic appliances
  • Electronics
  • Industrial applications
  • Position sensing
  • Pulse counting
  • Relay applications
  • Security applications
  • Temperature sensing

Contact Gopher about customization options to help meet your individual needs.

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