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COBO CAN Bus Solutions

COBO International offers full COBO CAN bus solutions, ranging from Displays and Controllers to Sensors and Accessories.

Potential Applications Include:

  • Hydraulic system controller
  • Single controller designed for industrial vehicles
  • Tractor electrical control unit (TECU) for tractors based on ISOBUS standard (a standard that highlights a serial data network that can be used for communications and control on agricultural and forestry tractors as well as implements)
  • Traction control along with hydrostatic transmission control
  • Excavator single controllers or wheel loaders

All displays may be In-Dash or RAM mounted, and they are very vibration resistant, making them a perfect solution for a variety of applications long term.

The Gopher Approach

When it comes to providing customers with COBO CAN bus products, Gopher is committed to providing custom solutions that will deliver value to you. In fact, we have been delivering quality electro mechanical parts for more than six decades. We are both flexible and highly reliable, and we are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified. This means we can demonstrate our ability to meet quality system management requirements including providing products that meet regulatory and customer requirements in addition to using continual system improvement processes.

In addition to offering custom solutions, we have a huge inventory and thus may be able to use our comprehensive stock to meet your unique needs, no matter how complex or simple they may be. Our products are also long lasting and heavy duty. Therefore, they are guaranteed to effortlessly streamline industrial operations, medical applications, and more.

Contact us today for design assistance with your CAN-bus application!





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