Altech’s Versatile UL489 Circuit Breaker For All Your Breaker Needs!

Altech Corporation is a leading supplier of automation and industrial control components, providing solutions to your most pressing application challenges.

Many applications demand circuit breakers that are both high-quality and technically correct. Altech’s UL 489 Circuit Breakers combine quality and reliability into a smart, flexible package.

Features of Altech’s UL 489 Breaker:

  • Available in both AC and DC voltages
  • The AC version offers dual voltage rated circuit breakers at 0.2-63A/240VAC and 0.2-32A/480Y/277VAC in 1-3 poles.
  • Hinged terminal cover design allows easy access to terminal screws
  • Individual part number is shown on each circuit breaker and is legible when installed in the panel
  • DIN Clip can be be released when necessary
  • Flexible, replaceable terminal barriers reduce the possibility of breakage if accidentally dropped

When your project calls for branch circuit protection, look no further than Altech’s versatile, high-quality line of circuit breakers.

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