The 318BT Bluetooth Audio Receiver by Switchcraft/Conxall!

The 318BT Series Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a low latency, high reliability, rugged dongle. The 318BT utilizes Bluetooth® 4.2 technology to convert input devices into Bluetooth® enabled devices, using A2DP as a slave device.

The 318BT is designed to be powered by Phantom Power available in most professional audio consoles. This guarantees that it will work 100% of time without the worries of charging or maintaining power to the dongle.

With enhanced range, better sound and low latency, the 318BT is the best solution to connect your Bluetooth® enabled devices to any microphone input.

Simply plug, power and connect, and enjoy high quality audio from any Bluetooth® enabled device.

Like all Switchcraft® products, 318BT is built to last, durable, highly reliable, and fully certified to be used in both; commercial and residential environment.

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