Omron Products Now Available Gopher Electronics!

“At work for a better life, a better world for all.”

-Omron’s Company Motto

Since its founding in 1933, Omron’s mission has been developing new technologies for the betterment of society. For over 80 years, Omron has done exactly that.

Omron’s vast experience and unrivaled dedication to providing its customers with the most reliable, highest-quality products have made it one of the leading suppliers and innovators of advanced electronics and control system components in the world.

Gopher Electronics is pleased to announce that it is now an authorized distributor of Omron Products. Let us help you find the perfect Omron product for your project!

Some of Omron’s products include:

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The PML50 Series from VCC

The PML50 Series panel mount indicator by VCC with FlexVolt™ technology features a built-in ultra-bright LED that provides uniform illumination for applications that require consistent identification and communication through light. The PML50 Series achieves full brightness in microseconds – even in daylight viewing conditions.

Designed for reliability in harsh environments, PML50 are built for unique performance and durability requirements necessary for a wide range of applications. The ruggedized PML50 Series FlexVolt indicator can be used with voltage ranging from 5V to 28V DC Circuits, which reduces inventory cost and opens up unlimited design opportunities.

Available in five single colors: red, green, white, blue or yellow and in bi-color: red/green all offered with a clear lens for increased contrast between on and off.

When your equipment demands accurate recognition regardless of external conditions, VCC’s PML50 Series delivers unparalleled results.

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Carling Circuit Breakers for all your circuit protection needs!

With a wide assortment of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing, Carling Technologies offers a complete line of circuit protection products for all your projects including:

The MS Series – Designed and tested to operate flawlessly in the harshest of environments, Carling Technologies’ MS-Series sealed toggle circuit breaker is ideally suited for COTS (commercial off the shelf) military applications.

This class-leading, affordable circuit breaker was designed in accordance with the requirements of MIL-PRF-55629 and MIL STD 202, making it the best choice for those applications where shock, vibration, moisture resistance, salt spray and thermal shock are of the utmost consideration.

The ROCB Series – Carling Technologies’ C-Series remote operated, hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker consists of a custom designed remote operated motor module (housed within a circuit breaker molding) coupled to a C-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker.

The remote operated circuit breaker (ROCB) offers the convenience of remote ON, OFF, and Reset capability combined with the safety and accuracy of a standard magnetic current sensing device. This allows operation of the circuit breaker from various locations in a system, facility or site without sacrificing the ability to manually operate the breaker if required.

The CX Series – Carling Technologies’ CX-Series circuit breaker features an innovative configuration that allows the breaker to safely handle high amperage and high DC voltage applications in a compact package. By using a magnetic flux boosting terminal configuration, a strong magnetic field is created thus motivating the arc into an enhanced arc chamber. This circuit breaker is ideally suited for 380VDC applications, PDUs and photovoltaic energy systems.

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Carling C-Series Parallel Pole Breakers: Now With UL489 Approvals!

The Carling C-Series 2 and 3 parallel poles are now available with UL489 approvals!

The C-Series employs a unique arc chute design which allows for higher interrupting capacities of up to 10,000 amps. New thermoset glass filled polyester half shell construction provides for increased mechanical and electrical strength. The wiping contacts, mechanical linkage with two step actuation, clean contacts providing high, positive contact pressure and longer contact life.

The C-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers are ideal for applications that require higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a smaller package. They are available in 1-6 poles, 0.02-100amps, UL Recognized up to 480VAC or 150VDC, UL489 Listed up to 240VAC or 125VDC, with choice of time delays, terminal options, actuator styles and colors.

Product Highlights:

  • Extensive list of Agency Approvals
  • Available with Standard or Metric Stud terminals, or Saddle Clamp screw terminals
  • Unique arc chute design which allows for higher interrupting capacities of up to 10,000 amps

Typical Applications:

  • Marine
  • Telecom / Datacom
  • Military
  • Renewable Energy
  • Generators & Welders

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Gopher Custom Solutions FFC

Gopher Custom Solutions (GCS) a division of Gopher Electronics, is a highly flexible, reliable Sub-assembler, created in response to our customers’ needs for higher level assemblies.

Many projects demand only the best Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) products, but building your own FCC takes time and money away from the rest of your project.

Gopher Custom Solutions can help. Gopher’s unique ability to efficiently produce the highest quality products means you get the product you need quickly without sacrificing quality. All materials are fully stocked in our warehouse, and all our FFC products are 100% continuity tested!
Put Gopher’s experience and expertise to work for you by letting our highly trained and skilled team build your FFC for you.
Other Features Include:
  • Lighter weight & lower profile vs traditional wire harnesses
  • Cable assemblies may be connectorized to mate with industry standard headers
  • Centerlines of .100″(2.54 mm) & .050″ (1.27 mm)
  • Jacket constructions of Nomex, Polyester, Kapton and Teflon
  • High flex life & superior heat dissipation
  • EMI/RFI options are available
  • Custom length assemblies available
  • Flexstrip jumpers in stock or built to order
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Honeywell VPX: The Ideal Solution for Hazardous Areas

The VPX Series is an all-new, user-tested valve position indicator that incorporates Honeywell’s hazardous-area design expertise so the switch can be used in demanding process control applications. As a visual indicator mechanically tied to the valve, the VPX’s indicator colors display the valve’s status: closed, open or in between. Certified as flame-proof, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe (optional), VPX indicators are safe for use in a wide variety of hazardous area applications. The VPX is a robust addition to Honeywell’s existing hazardous area switch portfolio – the broadest offering in the industry.

The VPX Series is uniquely suited to a variety of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas Production Pipelines
  • Oil and Gas Wellheads or Fracking sites
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pain Manufacturing Facilities
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Plants

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Take control of your next project with Eaton Vehicle Controls

Eaton offers a complete family of flexible electronic switch modules and vehicle controls for all of your applications.

Electronic Switch Modules E30 – eSM E30 modules are complimentary to Eaton’s NGR line of rocker switches that allows combining the advantages of electro-mechanical switches with multiplexed modules.

Keypad Electronic Switch Modules E31 – Offering an increased degree of sealing to IP68 from the front and rear of the module, the eSM E31 meets severe environment applications with exceptional operator feedback.

Electronic Switch Modules E32 – Offering a high level of flexibility, the above-panel eSM E32 covers a wide range of switch and indicator applications.

Electronic Switch Modules E33 – Designed to support harsh environmental applications, the eSM E33 offers sealing to IP68 other features including guarded and locking rockers.

Electronic Vehicle Display – The eVU fills the gap between on-board systems and displays, function by function.

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NEW from CIT Relay and Switch: ME Series Tactile Switches

The ME Series is an IP67 process sealed tactile switch offering both through-hole and surface mount options with a 350gF actuation force. With actuator and housing of PA6T Polymide and silver plated stainless steel dome contact, the ME Series uses a silicon rubber internal seal providing truly sealed, one piece construction.

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