Honeywell’s Limitless™ WBX Series Wireless Hazardous Area Limit Switches

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Honeywell’s Limitless™ WBX Series combines the best of Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ Heavy Duty limit switches with a point-to-point (P2P) network. It has a variety of remote or built-in antenna options. Wireless-enabled limit switches can be used for position sensing and presence/absence detection for an endless number of applications. The WBX Series is especially beneficial for remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. Combining this greater flexibility with proven harsh-duty packaging can result in increased efficiencies and improved safety for machines, equipment, and operators.

Potential Industries:

  • Agriculture machines
  • Door position
  • Grain diverters or flaps
  • Hose attachment verification
  • Material handling
  • Paint robotics
  • Pipeline pigs
  • Pump stroke count
  • Remote or temporary equipment
  • Safety shower alarming
  • Valve position

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3M Tape


3M offers a variety of premium vinyl electrical tapes including; Scotch® Super 33+™, Scotch® Heavy Duty Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88 and Scotch® Professional Grade Color Coding Vinyl Electrical Tape 35.  This family of tape is Made in the USA

  • Scotch® Super 33+™ is a 7 mil tape that is highly conformable, super stretchy in all weather applications; resists UV rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalies and acids. Primary insulation for splices up to 600V.
  • Scotch® Heavy Duty Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88 is an 8.5 mil all-weather vinyl insulating tape. It has an excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acids, corrosion in varying weather conditions.
  • Scotch® Professional Grade Color Coding Vinyl Electrical Tape 35 is a premium-grade electrical tape that stretches to conform to virtually any shape that requires color-coded insulation. Scotch 35 is abrasion and weather-resistant, with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties. It wraps smoothly and holds tight over a wide range of temperatures. There are nine stay-fast colors for color-coding applications.

Sealcon Connectors

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Sealcon circular connectors include: M16, M23, M40, RJ45, PoE, Twilock and Twintus. These connectors are field assembly-ready, meaning no special tools are required to insert or extract the contacts. They are also modular in order to meet a variety of configurations. They have a reliable connection due to the contacts’ low plug-in force and high mating cycles. The pre-tinned contacts mean these connectors are a more Reliable, Faster and Safer means of soldering. The Inserts are for all types of contacts including Crimp, Solder & Dip Solder.

Sealcon connectors have the following benefits:

  • Radially arranged copper beryllium spring contacts
  • The outside contour of the socket results in a perfect concentric alignment during connection
  • Best conductivity due to gold-plated contact area
  • Reduced assembly time due to tinned soldering ends

Typical Industries:

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Diagnostic
  • Hazardous
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Motors
  • Packaging
  • Robotics
  • Sensing
  • Telecom
  • Transportation

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Grayhill Rotary Switches

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Grayhill is one of the leading manufacturers of single and multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations. Many rotary switches are MIL qualified to exacting electrical, mechanical and environmental standards. Grayhill offers options including isolated positions, spring returns, adjustable stops, concentric shaft switches and configurable keylock switches. Standard rotaries can be configured with solder lug termination, PC termination, various angles of throw and multiple poles.

Customization can include:

  • Custom detents (clicks) and tactile feel
  • Fixed stop, adjustable stop or continuous rotation
  • Interface cabling
  • Modified shaft lengths and flats
  • Multiple termination and cabling options
  • Special operations such as pull-to-turn

Typical applications include:

  • Ground and airborne vehicle controls
  • Industrial controls, test & measurement tools
  • Military radios, transmitters and receivers
  • Security systems with keylock controls
  • Two-way radio frequency selection

TE Connectivity’s Broad Protfolio of Connectors

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TE Connectivity (TE) offers the electronics industry the broadest portfolio of connectors on the market today. Some solutions include:

Circular Plastic Connectors

Offer a rugged, reliable connector system suitable for a wide range of applications. The circular configuration provides designers with an efficient use of real estate. Options include panel mount, free-hanging and wire-to-board.

Economy Power Connectors

TE Connectivity’s Economy Power (EP) wire-to-board connector family is widely used for power circuit applications.

Timer Connectors

Available as receptacle and tab housings (flying coupling in a wiring harness) or as receptacle housings and multiple tabs (group connection). Product offerings accommodate signal currents of medium strengths as well as with load currents more than 70 A.

Power Lock Connectors

High current connectors that can handle 20 or 60 amperes maximum depending on application. Contacts for Series I Connectors accept a wire size range of 18-12 AWG and contacts for Series II Connectors accept a wire size range of 10-6 AWG.

With the acquisition of Deutsch, TE also offers connectors such as:

Deutsch DT Series

An environmentally-sealed connector designed specifically for cable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on the chassis or in the cab.

Deutsch DTM Series

The DTM is the connector to be used in harsh environmental applications where reliable signal circuits are critical to operating performance.

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Gopher Electronics Custom Solutions

Instead of terminating wire and connectors on your factory floor, outsource this to Gopher Custom Solutions. We can build your sub-assembly at our facility in St. Paul, MN and deliver the assembled parts right to point-of-use on your factory floor. These steps remove labor from your process and allows for only purchasing a single part number for the entire assembly, which is released upon your demand.


Ebm-papst for all your cooling needs


The 4000N, 4000Z, and 4600X axial fan series offer multiple potential solutions for meeting your air moving requirements, allin the same 119mm x 38mm footprint. All 3 series offer durable all-metal construction andan ambient temperature range extending from a frigid -40oF to as high as a sweltering 185oF. Choose your air flow direction, mounting hole size and from a range of air flow rates – all within the same form factor.

4000N/4000Z/4600X Product Highlights:

  • All-metal construction (housing and rotor/blades)
  • Optional IP55 protection available
  • Used in a wide variety of markets including Industrial, Heating, Commercial Refrigeration, and Ventilation, just to name a few

…and if you like these series but are looking for a more energy efficient option, you will love our ACi4400 series!  With  the same 119mm x 38mm footprint, the ACi4400 series reduces energy consumption up to 75% compared to conventional AC fans. This leads to an impressive cost savings over the entire service life, which is 60% longer than the 4600X (for example). This series is now available with IP65 protection as well! Supplying the right solution, no matter what the need – that’s what makes ebm-papst the engineer’s choice.



Ebm-papst cooling solutions for the lighting industry


Ebm-papst, one of the most innovative manufacturers of precision fans and blowers, has introduced their Active Cooling solutions – small, specialized fan/heat sinks engineered expressly for high-power LED applications. ebm-papst’s fan mechanism offers a particularly reliable service life in the hundreds of thousands of hours (> 300K with certain models). Designed to be nearly silent, each fan is enclosed in an acoustic isolation ring, bringing the net acoustic noise to less than 7dB. When used with a CoB device, the cooling fan effectively lowers the heat temperature to 90º F/36º C.

Primary Advantages:

  • Extended service life
  • Increased efficiency
  • Low radiant energy
  • No infrared or ultraviolet light
  • Small size with high visible light

Target Applications within the LED Market

  • Architectural Lighting
  • CoB
  • Displays
  • Museum / Gallery Lighting
  • Retail / High Bay Lighting
  • Showroom Lighting
  • Sports / Arena Lighting
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Track / Spot Lighting

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PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

panduit_email copyPanelMaxTM DIN Rail Wiring Duct is an innovative wire management solution that maximizes space utilization within industrial enclosures for flexibility in panel layout and reduced material and installation costs. The unique design raises components from the panel surface for easier access and faster terminations. DIN rail wiring duct is compatible with common DIN rail and DIN mount components to satisfy a wide range of applications.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Space-saving design – Positions DIN rail and components off the panel directly above an integrated wire management channel for up to a 30% smaller footprint for duct and components; increases design flexibility and component access for easier installation and maintenance
  • DIN rail and DIN component compatible – Compatible with standard mounting rail, including 35mm or 15mm rails and many DIN rail mount components for design flexibility
  • Integrated DIN rail fastening slot – DIN rail mounts directly to product, with self-drilling screws, for up to 50% faster installation (duct and rail) and reduced labor costs
  • Hinged and flexible covers – Attached cover ensures panel integrity, safety, and aesthetics; a built-in, color-matched, co-extruded strip assures cover operation flexibility and easy channel access; L-shaped hinge cover doubles as ledge for easy wire installation
  • Slotted platform and sidewalls – Platform slots (horizontal) manage wire from channel-mounted components; outer sidewall slots (vertical) manage wire from adjacent panel-mounted components; unique finger and slot progression for optimal wire management and aesthetics
  • Channel pass-through slots – Wires can transition internally between channels to ease wire connections to either side of components mounted on the same rail, minimizing wire length and reducing material cost

Honeywell Potentiometers

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Built on the trusted Clarostat and Honeywell legacies of high quality, high-performance position sensing, Honeywell potentiometers (also known in the industry as POTS) convert rotary motion into a change of resistance, supplying a smooth transition of voltage or current levels, then used to control position movement in a wide variety of applications.

All Honeywell potentiometers are built for rugged, long-lasting rotational performance – in some cases more than a million cycles. Potentiometers are available in cermet, wirewound, metal, plastic, or combination packages, sealed against dust or moisture, and sized to fit into tight spaces. A variety of terminations and flexible mounting options are available to meet your needs.

Potential Applications:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Manual controls (joysticks, panel dials, throttles)
  • Medical
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Personal mobility
  • Telecom
  • Welding/Heating

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