Gopher Electronics Named Regional Distributor for 2014 by Honeywell Sensing and Control

St. Paul, MN: Gopher Electronics, is extremely proud to accept Honeywell Sensing and Control’s (S&C) 2014 Regional Distributor of the Year Award!

Incorporated in 1952 by Gene DeLonais and his brother Don, Gopher was initially franchised for Honeywell S&C, known as Micro Switch, in 1960.  Through 54 years of Loyalty, Teamwork and just plain Hard Work, Honeywell S&C and Gopher Electronics have forged a bond that focuses on serving mutual customers with excellence.

“We proudly accept this award on behalf of our employees and customers.  Best practices today demand a laser focus on communication, collaboration and commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations.  Honeywell S&C is Gopher’s flagship supplier that provides our team with new products, new systems and outstanding vision for new trends and technologies,” said Mike Treece, CEO.

As a 100 percent employee-owned company, Gopher’s team members work closely with Honeywell S&C personnel and manufacturers’ reps for one single-minded purpose: To Continuously Improve to Serve Customers.

Gopher Electronics expands Honeywell S&C switches and sensor product lines by offering Higher-Level Sub-Assemblies.  Gopher Electronics will stock these Sub-Assemblies which are available for release on demand to meet our customers’ production requirements.

“We were happy to present the 2014 Regional Distributor of the Year Award to Gopher Electronics,” said Mike West director of sales at Honeywell S&C. “Gopher has been a trusted distributor of ours for well over 50 years and we look forward to continuing that partnership for many more years to come.”


For additional information, contact:

Chris O’Donnell, Director of IT and Marketing


Honeywell V15W

HON_V15WThe MICRO SWITCH™ V15W is a miniature-sized basic switch designed for harsh-duty, wash down areas. Rugged yet precise, the Series gives highly accurate machine control for turning circuits on and off. The V15W can be used in a wide range of challenging environments, including food packaging plants, forklifts, ATVs, golf carts, lawn mowers, garbage trucks, salt trucks, commercial buses, and wheelchair lifts for conversion vans. Choose the V15W when the application needs accurate repeatability in a compact, lightweight and long-lasting basic switch. This switch signifies an expansion of the proven and reliable, MICRO SWITCH™ V15 Standard snap-action switch series.  By utilizing an epoxy resin, the V15W Series switches deliver high sealing capability with an IP67 rating (pre-leaded only). They may also be used in dusty places or in washdown applications.


  • Degree of protection: IP67 (except terminal parts) to operate under difficult environmental conditions
  • Wide current range: 0.1 A, 5 A, 10 A
  • SPDT, SPNO, and SPNC options
  • For engineering design flexibility, the V15W Series features a variety of straight, roller, simulated roller, and special actuators to choose from
  • Pre-leaded wires for easy installation
  • Special terminations available upon request
  • Gold contacts available
  • Wide temperature range
  • Metric or USA mounting holes
  • Long mechanical/electrical service life
  • Global approvals: UL, cUL, ENEC, and CQC for reliable and consistent performance within a range of conditions
  • RoHS compliant

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Mallory SC Series

Mallory_email_march copy

Mallory Sonalert Products manufactures a complete line of panel-mount audible alarms, including the SC Series, which is a classic panel-mount design and is available in a wide range of voltages and sounds. These sounds include specialty sounds such as warbles, chimes and sirens. Factory automation system integrators frequently specify Mallory high decibel alarms for applications where ambient factory noise is a consideration. The SC Series can also be fitted with an ACC03 gasket for use with control panels that are mounted outdoors, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The sealed construction of the SC Series ensures continuous, trouble-free operation.

Applications that incorporate audible alarms include:

  • Pump Controls (& Other Fluid Power)
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Packaging Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
  • Heat Treating & Sintering Furnaces
  • Power Plants


Comus Smart Sensors


Comus Introduces its newest line of custom products: the Smart sensor. A Smart sensor utilizes multiple sensing technologies and processing techniques in a package uniquely tailored for various environments, giving a turnkey package solution that will transmit more information than using independent sensors.

Comus Smart sensors are designed to weather environmental conditions such as vibration and mechanical stress. They consist of time proven and tested sensing technology to give you a robust sensor with reaction time as little as 2ms.


  • Multi Axis G-Force
  • Senses XYZ Planes
  • Programmable Outputs
  • Digital Output
  • Analog Output
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Mechanical Stress Resistant


  • Angle
  • Shock
  • Magnetic Field
  • Ferrous Metal
  • Acceleration
  • G-Force


  • Reaction Time
  • G-Force
  • Tilt Control
  • Size of Unit

Applications and Industries:

  • Medical devices such as hospital beds
  • Engineering equipment such as automated testers
  • Vehicle leveling and/or alarm control sensing
  • Solar panel positioning
  • Safety sensing for heaters where equipment has to be kept in relative level state

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Distributors for Custom Cable Assemblies

Many companies create their own products and services to market and to sell. Other businesses create a stocking, distribution system which supplies a wide range of products. Distributors not only sell high quality, manufacturing products, but they are your one stop business, involving product information, technical support, after-sales services, estimations, and customer service options.

Benefits of Using a Distributor

A distributor is held to state and federal regulations, making them safest way to ensure businesses are receiving authentic components which contain a manufacturer’s warranty. The benefits of businesses using a distributor, include:

  • A business can secure a lower price on manufactured goods
  • They have greater buying power than independent sellers
  • They can acquire exclusive rights to see brands nationally and internationally
  • A business with specific sales territories doesn’t need to worry about competition for sales
  • A business can have vast marketing programs

Custom Cable Assemblies

Industrial distribution of electronic components, such as custom cable assemblies, is in high demand. They are engineered to maintain their components and parts in a harsh environment, where electrical and mechanical integrity is a must. Custom cable assemblies can include cable and wire, circuit breakers, circuit protection, connectors, cords, fans & blowers, fuses, heat shrink, LEDs, lamps, potentiometers, power supplies, relays, sensors, switches, transformers and terminal blocks.

Cable Assemblies Distribution

Cable assemblies are manufactured with the latest advancements in to meet electrical, mechanical, and environmental needs for challenging applications in a wide range of industries. Distributors supply custom cable assemblies to industries, such as high speed computing, medical, spaceflight, automation, civil and military, oil and gas environments and many other fields.

Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies’ distributors carry a huge array of connector types, including custom features. Quality distributors have manufacturers for copper and fiber cable assemblies, to meet the demands of their customer’s needs. Cables are considered a system’s lifeline because when they become defective, then the whole system can come to a halt. Custom cable assemblies are manufactured for durability and signal integrity. Simply send us your specs and our experts will take care of the rest.

The Best Custom Cable Assemblies in Minnesota

We work with around 60 national brand name manufacturers which excel in innovative custom cable assemblies technology products and parts. Our company is a regional, industrial distributor of electronic components who believes whole-heartedly in customer satisfaction by providing error free service and defect free products on time, every time. We provide our value through Innovative integrated supply and lean manufacturing supply programs.

Bussmann’s Class J Fuse Block


The new Class J fuse block features power distribution capability. This patented design simplifies your panel layout and uses up to 50% less panel space. Additionally, it lowers inventory costs while reducing installation time and labor by 33%. Furthermore, this design uses fewer wire connections, reducing watts loss and overall operating temperature when compared with traditional fuse block/power distribution block solutions.

Features and benefits:

  • Combination power distribution block and fuse block reduces wire connections and total panel components, using up to 50% less panel space and reducing installation time and labor by 33% when compared with traditional solutions
  • A 200kA withstand rating helps achieve a higher assembly shortcircuit current rating (SCCR) for compliance with NEC®
  • Optional see-through cover enhances safety with IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability and open circuit indication

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Bussmann Modular Ferrule Fuse Blocks


Bussman’s modular ferrule fuse blocks feature a modular design that allows assembly of the required poles at the point of use. This Bussmann series portfolio provides tool-less assembly of multiple pole blocks at point-of-use to save inventory and reduce assembly time. Additionally, these fuse blocks feature a compact design that minimizes the footprint, allowing for the most efficient use of panel space within alternative energy, commercial construction and electrical panel OEM markets. They are available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations. They provide easy circuit identification with universal marker labels and have both national Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certifications. These new blocks also have features and accessories that add versatility, reduce labor and enhance the safety of any panel design.

They are available for the following fuses:



Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard Cable

AlphaWireEmailBanner copy

Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard cable brings performance and reliability to the biggest challenges in the toughest environments. Xtra-Guard performance cable is designed to meet your needs. Its round construction makes it easier to install, seal, and route. With nearly 5000 standard constructions and the industry’s broadest range of gauges, conductor counts, shielding options, and jacket color choices, Xtra-Guard cable sets the global standard for reliable performance.

Alpha Wire offers a wide variety of Xtra-Guard cables including:

Xtra-Guard 1

  • High-performance cable for general-purpose applications
  • Provides resistance to oils per UL Oil Res I and Class 43
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +105°C

Xtra-Guard 2

  • Heavy-duty cable for use in industrial applications where abrasion and mechanical abuse is common
  • Features a specially formulated, rugged polyurethane jacket offering three times the tear and abrasion resistance of ordinary PVC
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +105°C or -20°C to +90°C

Xtra-Guard 3

  • 6 times the water resistance of PVC
  • Resistant to the effects of weathering, moisture, and UV aging without the costly use of conduit
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +80°C

Xtra-Guard 4

  • Moderate resistance to oils, solvents, chemicals, and fuels
  • UL Rated TC 600 V and PLTC 300 V for cable tray applications (except 24 AWG)
  • Pennsylvania Bureau Deep Mining Safety approved for mine-wide monitoring systems (except 14 AWG)
  • Temperature range: -50°C to +125°C
Xtra-Guard 5
  • Suitable for use in Class 1 cleanrooms
  • Recognized by the FDA, when sterilized, for food- and medical-grade applications
  • Impervious to oils, solvents, chemicals, fuels, and acids
  • Temperature Range: -80°C to +200°C
Xtra-Guard Flex
  • Excellent performance in high-flex, high torsion, and continuous-flex applications, such as motion control and robotics
  • Rated for up to 14 million flex cycles
  • Rounded geometry helps insure a liquid-tight installation per IP67 or NEMA 6
Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet
  • Three times the low-temp flex, and better solvent, chemical, and fuel resistance than PVC
  • Low temp range of -50°C; high temp of 105°C (PP core) and 125°C (FEP core)
  • Meets ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Cat 5e requirements
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications

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Alpha Wire’s EcoCable® Mini 300 V Recyclable Cable


By combining better performance and minimum environmental impact, EcoCable Mini uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide application advantages in a smaller, lighter cable. Its size makes routing and installation even easier, saving more time during production and maintenance. Even more convenient, it is available in over 250 standard configurations including four shielding options. It is also available in custom and composite configurations, so finding the right EcoCable Mini cable for your application is easier than ever.

EcoCable Mini Features:

  • Recyclable mPPE jacket and insulation
  • -40°C to +80°C temperature range
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications
  • Over 250 Standard Constructions available

EcoCable Mini Benefits:

  • Up to 32% smaller than standard 300 V PVC cable
  • Up to 44% lighter than standard 300 V PVC cable
  • Up to 92% lower outgassing than standard 300 V PVC cables
  • Halogen Free
  • 100% recyclable

Ideal Applications:

  • Power and signal transmission in medical devices
  • Anywhere you are trying to take size and weight out of your design

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Honeywell’s V7 Switches Plus Connectorization Options

Honeywell v7 and custom


Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ V7 miniature switches are designed for long term-reliability in a rugged switch packaged with a thermoplastic housing. These switches may be installed in a wide range of applications from simple or precision on/off limits, presence/absence sensing, or embedded in pressure or temperature assemblies

There are Cost Saving Opportunities available now, so contact us for an updated Quote!  Also save time and money by having Gopher Custom Solutions put your leads and connectors on your Honeywell Switches.

Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH V7 Advantages:

  • Reliable Performance in Harsh Conditions – Industry Leading Temp Ranges
  • Design Flexibility – Electrical Rating from .01A to 25A
  • Long Life Cycle Rating – up to 10,000,000 cycles
  • Actuator Options – Pin Plungers, Roller, Paddle, Integral or Auxiliary levers
  • Global Acceptability – Certified with CSA, ENEC and UL

Premium V-Basic Features/Characteristics

  • Amp rating – 0.1A to 25A
  • Circuitry – SPDT, SPNO, SPNC
  • Operating force – 0.7 oz max to 14.6 oz max
  • Termminations – quick connect, pc board, pcb straight angle left
  • Actuators/Levers – pin plunger, straight, shortflag, roller, sim, roller, curved tip, loop, paddle
  •  Voltage – 125 Vac, 250 Vac, 277 Vac
  • World-wide package size acceptance with UL/CSA and ENEC approvals
  • Operating temperature – -40°C to 82°C[-40°F to 180°F]
  • Contacts – silver, silver cadmium oxide, gold
  • Housing material – PCT polyester thermoplastic
  • Designed for 100K operations at a full load or 10M for mechanical life

Potential Applications:

  • Appliances
  • Computer/business equipment
  • Medical/dental equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • HVAC equipment

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