Google Launches Smart Home IoT Protocol


A powerful group of companies – including Google, through its Nest Labs subsidiary, Samsung Electronics, Freescale Semiconductor and ARM Holdings plc – have joined together to form the Thread Group and to launch Thread, an IP-based wireless networking protocol.

Others of the founding seven companies are Yale Security, Silicon Labs and Big Ass Fans, which was founded in 1999 and makes industrial, commercial and residential ceiling fans.

The mission of the Thread Group is to create a secure, low-power network for use in the home and by its connected products. Thread is already defined as an IPv6 networking protocol designed for 802.15.4 mesh networks and a version of Thread is already used in Nest products. It is based on 6LoWPAN, which stands for IPv6 over Wireless Personal Area Networks. The 6LoWPAN group has defined encapsulation and header compression mechanisms that allow IPv6 packets to be sent to and received from over IEEE802.15.4 based networks.

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Off Road Transportation Lighting

Lighting 2015

COBO International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the COBO Group, entered the American marketplace with a well-defined mission: to supply complete systems to the non-automotive market. COBO International was founded to respond to the unmet needs of the expanding U.S. market for off-road and industrial vehicles, and to provide a business structure comprised of U.S. personnel, offering the same service, flexibility and competitive pricing that distinguished the COBO Group in Europe.

ECCO Group is an umbrella organization providing centralized, global support functions to the three business units of the Group. ECCO Group are worldwide market leaders in emergency lighting and audible warning equipment for commercial and emergency vehicles

Innovation has been the hallmark of Grote Industries from the start. From durable, easy to see stop lights to the latest in LED lighting technology, Grote has been leading the way in advanced vehicle system solutions from early in the last century right up to today. With these innovations, Grote has helped millions of people throughout North America and the world benefit from the innovation and design excellence of Grote products.

Hella Inc.:
HELLA develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry, and operates one of the world’s largest aftermarket organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnostics and services. With more than 3,800 people working in R&D, HELLA is one of the key innovation drivers on the market.

Peterson officially opened its doors in 1945 as a small company specializing in manufacturing safety lighting for the automotive aftermarket. Over the past 60 years, Peterson has become an industry leader and introduced a host of innovations

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Honeywell Pressure Switch


The new Honeywell Pressure Switches are designed to reduce total cost of ownership and to help protect operators and critical equipment subsystems. Their life cycle rating of up to 2 million, IP67 sealing and high burst pressures make them one of the most durable switches in the industry.
A wide selection of ports, electrical terminations and compatibility with a variety of media allow for use in most industrial and transportation applications, simplify the design-in process, eliminate tooling costs and reduce manufacturing labor costs.
• High Pressure: HP Series and HE Series are factory set 150 psi to 4500 psi [10,34 bar to 310,26 bar]
• Low Pressure: LP Series and LE Series are factory set or field adjustable 3.5 psi to 150 psi [0,24 bar to 10,34 bar]

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Comus International is proud to introduce two new additions to our growing reed relay menu. The new 14 series is a high reliability instrumentation grade Mini-Sip package targeted for instrumentation, automatic test equipment and high density switching matrices. With switch power ratings up to 15W, our new relay series offers a 50% increase over industry standard packages. Their COTO Technology BV reed switch is used exclusively in every reed relay we make which allows for the lowest industry lead times, superior quality, stable contact resistance, and the very best in reed relay performance.

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Gopher Custom Solutions Capabilities and Equipment


Supply Chain Management best practices today demand higher level Sub-Assemblies to help streamline Purchasing and Manufacturing.

Gopher Custom Solutions (GCS), a division of Gopher Electronics, is a highly flexible, reliable Sub-Assembler, established in response to customers’ demands.  GCS adds value through Electro Mechanical Sub-Assemblies, which includes “connectorizing” electronic components (switches, sensors, fans, etc.) to DIN Rail Assemblies and Panel Builds.

Gopher Custom Solutions adds Value by:

  • Listening and understanding your requirements, then providing scalable solutions
  • Collaborating between Engineering, Quality and Purchasing
  • Designing For Manufacturing to simplify Final Assembly
  • Documentation Control, Revision Control, Configuration Control
  • Improve Purchasing efficiency by single line item buying vs multiple component purchases from several suppliers
  • Inventory Cost Reductions
    • Increased inventory turns
    • Eliminate purchasing, handling and warehousing costs of individual components
    • Reduce material scrap of individual components
  • Transfer Quality risk of assembly to GCS managing multiple suppliers and direct labor
  • Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement practices
  • Leveraging Gopher Electronics’ Distribution Expertise:
    • Purchasing Power
    • Logistics and Lead Time Management
    • Component Inventory stocked in MN
    • Bonded Inventory
    • Released upon Demand
    • Kanban
  • Made in USA Resource!

Custom Solutions’ Capabilities:

  • Customization/ Value-Add
    • Sensor and Switch Assemblies
    • Electro-Mechanical Sub-Assemblies
  • “Connectorizing” Fans, Lamps, Switches, Sensors
  • DIN Rail Assemblies
  • Field Retrofits and Rework
  • Panel Builds

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