Honeywell Limitless WLS Heavy-Duty Wireless Limit Switches

HON_closed limit

Limitless WLS Heavy-Duty Wireless Limit Switches combine the best of MICRO SWITCH HDLS heavy-duty limit switches with the latest wireless technology. Limitless Series switches have the same mechanical life, temperature ratings, and sealing as standard MICRO SWITCH™ limit switches, but they’re wireless.  Limitless switches can be configured to potentially allow up to sixteen devices to communicate with one receiver module. Wireless functionality is implemented through an 802.15.4 open protocol RF board operating in the 2.4 GHz globally license-free frequency band. The wireless signal is received by either a panel-mount receiver, or an industrial DIN-rail module, that then converts it to an output. Outputs can be LEDs, buzzers, or electrical signals.  Limitless™ switches eliminate the need for maintenance of equipment’s wiring, as there’s no actual wiring to install, no wear-and-tear to mend and no frayed cord to ever replace.

Industrial Pneumatic Control Applications

  • Enables presence/absence detection in remote parts of application/machinery, where wiring is an issue or not feasible
  • Reduced installation/maintenance costs with no wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, connection boxes, etc.
  • Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
  • Consumes ultra-low power to prolong battery life

Potential Applications:


  • Door position
  • Grain diverters or flaps
  • Hose attachment verification
  • Lifts
  • Material handling
  • Presses/conveyors
  • Specialty machines
  • Valve position


  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Crane boom/jib/skew position
  • Lifts
  • Movable machinery
  • Remote or temporary equipment


Mechatronics’ Axial Fans

Mechatronics Axial Fans

Mechatronics Fan Group is a leading resource of DC and AC cooling fans, blowers, added-value assemblies and cooling solutions since 1985. Customers in  telecommunications, office automation, medical and industrial sectors depend on the Fan Group for technologically advanced products, superior quality and exceptional service. Mechatronics cooling products are designed to meet the toughest standards of UL, CSA, TUV and VDE.

Mechatronics brushless DC Axial fans offer a wide range of cooling solutions:

  • Multiple voltage options available.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP57 rated encapsulation.
  • Alarm output options including tachometer or locked rotor alarm.
  • Speed control options include self adjusting thermistor or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input.

Mechatronics extensive AC Axial fan offering provides many options to meet your thermal management requirements.

  • Multiple voltage options available in each series.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP55 encapsulation.
  • High temperature models for operation up to 90 degrees C.
  • Custom designs welcomed!!

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Mechanical Products Series 17

Mechanical Products series 17

The MP 17 Series is designed as a drop in replacement for existing surface and panel mountable configurations in the market today.  In addition, MP now offers the NEW Side-By-Side Surface Mount terminations and Easy Access 90° Panel Mount configurations to accommodate multiple breaker bus bar installations.   Priced competitively, these high quality breakers, commonly known as high amp circuit breakers or hi amp circuit breakers, are assembled right here in the USA.

The Series 17 features:

  • Amperage Ratings from 25 to 200 Amps
  • Trip-free operation
  • Industry standard terminations available in panel and surface mount
  • New “Easy Access” Panel Mount and “Side by Side” Surface Mount configurations available
  • Surface Mount available with 1/4″ and New 3/8″ stainless steel terminal studs and sems nuts
  • Panel Mount available with 1/4″ brass, nickel plated terminal studs and stainless steel sems nuts
  • Auto, manual, or manual push-to-trip options
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Visible trip indication
  • Ignition Protected

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Gems’ Liquid Level Float Switches

Gems_float switch

GEMS Level Switches operate on a direct, simple principle. In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed, magnetic reed switch mounted within the stem. The stem is made of non-magnetic metals or rugged, engineered plastics. When mounted vertically, this basic design provides a consistent accuracy of ±1/8 inch. Multi-station versions use a separate reed switch for each level point being monitored. Side-mounted units use different actuation methods because of their horizontal attitude. The basic principle, however, is the same: as a direct result of rising or falling liquid, a magnetic field is moved into the proximity of a reed switch, causing its actuation.

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Gopher Electronics & Bud Industries

Gopher and BUD_box

Two outstanding companies pleased to supply enclosures and boxes for just about anything you can design. Each project needs to be in an enclosure for appearance, protection and safety. Contact Gopher Electronics where a knowledgeable sales specialist will guide you to a reasonable and cost-effective solution. Gopher can supply a basic box for you. Imagine, however, receiving an enclosure with all of the holes, openings, color, labels, etc. already perfectly completed and ready for Point-of-Use. Or even better, have your project fully assembled by Gopher. All we need is your drawing, print, BOM or idea to get started.

“Let’s work together to Box-In your design, to ‘Boxed-Out’ the competition.”