Grayhill I/O Modules


Gopher Electronics offers Grayhill I/O modules, which come in industry standard sizes of mini, standard and G5. Gopher Electronics also offers Grayhill’s unique Open-Line style I/O module that offers two input/output points per snap-in module; this not only saves space but also offers quick and tool-free assembly and modification. Grayhill’s I/O Racks are available in industry standard size as well as a miniature footprint size to save panel space.

Typical applications include:

  • Automation of production processes
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Turbine control
  • Protection devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial manufacturing equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment

AC Input Modules

70L-IDCB, 70L-IACA, 70G-IDC5NP, 70-IDC24, 70L-IAC, 70L-IDC, 70L-IDCB, 70M-IDC5


  • Fast Switching Polarized Input Types
  • UL, CSA, CE, TÜV Certified (TÜV not available on OpenLine®)
  • Optical Isolation
  • OpenLine® and G5 Modules have Built-in Status LED


DC Output Modules

70L-OAC, 70L-OACA, 70L-OAC-L, 70L-ODC, 70M-ODC5, 70M-OAC5, 70L-ODC5R, 70L-OACA-L


  • Transient Protection: Meets the requirements of IEEE 472, “Surge Withstanding Capability Test”
  • SPST, Normally Open
  • Zero Crossing Turn-On
  • UL, CSA, CE, TÜV Certified
  • Optical Isolation
  • OpenLine® and G5 Modules Provide Replaceable 5×20 mm Glass Fuses
  • Built-in Status LED


Mechatronics For All Your Axial Fan Needs

Mechatronics Axial Fans

Mechatronics Fan Group is a leading resource of DC and AC cooling fans, blowers, added-value assemblies and cooling solutions since 1985. Customers in  telecommunications, office automation, medical and industrial sectors depend on the Fan Group for technologically advanced products, superior quality and exceptional service. Mechatronics cooling products are designed to meet the toughest standards of UL, CSA, TUV and VDE.

Mechatronics brushless DC Axial fans offer a wide range of cooling solutions:

  • Multiple voltage options available.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP57 rated encapsulation.
  • Alarm output options including tachometer or locked rotor alarm.
  • Speed control options include self adjusting thermistor or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input.

Mechatronics extensive AC Axial fan offering provides many options to meet your thermal management requirements.

  • Multiple voltage options available in each series.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP55 encapsulation.
  • High temperature models for operation up to 90 degrees C.
  • Custom designs welcomed!!

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Eaton’s NGR Rocker Switches

Eaton_NGR Rocker

The field-proven NGR provides ergonomic design while giving you the solid durability that you’ve come to expect from Eaton switches.  The NGR series are highly customizable with illuminated and non-illuminated versions with either incandescent bulbs or LEDs available in many of the popular switching circuits.  There are also options for the rocker buttons and indicators with laser-etched or pad-printed icons, insertable lenses and adhesive-backed labels.


  • Colored rockers, mounting bezels and lenses
  • Common lamp ground jumper
  • Custom back-lit legends
  • Dry circuit capabilities
  • Gang mounting system
  • Locking rocker
  • Maintained and Momentary Action Circuits
  • Multiple LEDs
  • Pad-printed legends
  • Polarized lock-on connectors
  • Reversing jumpers
  • Special lamps and lamp voltages
  • Special ratings


  • Standard switch provides splash and dust resistance to IP42, while the sealed version is sealed to IP67 when supplied with panel seal.
  • Backlighting technique allows for the legend to appear daylight white or dead-front when non-illuminated, but will change color when illuminated depending on the back-lit color chosen.
  • Two legend areas on the ends of each rocker of sufficient size easily accommodate two lines of four Helvetica Narrow 12-point characters.
  • Rocker snaps on and off the switch, making it easily replaceable


Honeywell Hour Meters


Part of Gopher’s Honeywell product offering is hour meters.  They work great as a counting device on OEM equipment.  Track and record elapsed time more effectively and efficiently (hours or tenths of hours).  Log equipment running time to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems or track warranty programs.  Often eliminate the guesswork with elapsed hours for better machine resale value or logging actual time on your rental products.

Honeywell hour meters offer:

  • Multiple power, display, shape and data options
  • Analog or LCD displays
  • AC/DC, AC or DC product families
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Noiseless performance

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Gopher Electronics For All Your FFC and FPC Requirements

Flat Flexible Cable Assembly and Flexible Printed Circuit Termination

Flat Flexible Cable and Flexible printed circuit

Flat Flexible Cable Assembly 

  • Copper conductors rolled flat for high
    flex life
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Light weight
  • Low profile
  • Custom made to exacting specifications
  • Multiple termination options
  • Cable assemblies may be “connectorized” to mate with industry-standard headers
  • EMI/RFI shielding is available

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Flexible Printed Circuit Termination

  • Flexible circuits allow unique designs.
  • Flex circuits dissipate heat at a better rate than any other dielectric material
  • Considerable weight reduction is a benefit over traditional round-wire harnesses
  • Thickness can be as thin as .004 inches (.10mm) in total
  • Insulation materials – Kapton, Mylar and Teflon

FPC Solutions Guide (PDF)  FPC Quote

For design or application help, call Al Powers 651-490-4945 or Jay Wales 651-490-4937.

Eaton Switches


Eaton provides a comprehensive offering of switches to meet a variety of applications.  Gopher stocks an extensive selection of Eaton toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches.

Eaton’s extensive line of toggle switches offers the widest selection of features and the design flexibility to meet the needs of almost any application.

Military Purpose Toggles
Illuminated AC Rated Toggles
General Purpose Toggles
AC Rated; General Purpose Toggles
AC/DC Rated General Purpose Toggles
X Series Toggles
Heavy Duty Hesitation Switches
High Capacity Switches
Panelboard Switches

Eaton also offers a full field-proven line of rockers designed for excellence in any vehicle applications. They enable you to maximize efficiency and increase machine uptime even in the most extreme environments.

SVR (Sealed Vehicle Rocker)
Dual Motion Safety Switch
1500/2500 Series
1600/2600 Series
X Series Rockers

In addition they offer an extensive variety of pushbuttons, pilot lights and selector switches to suit virtually any industrial or commercial application.

Stacklights E26
SL7 and SL4 Stacklights

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