Gems XM/XT-700 (Alloy) and XM/XT-300 (Plastic)



These lines of small, compact continuous level sensors are designed for the high quantity needs of the OEM. Choose the XM/XT-700 for the rugged durability of stainless steel or brass construction, or the XM/XT-300 line of plastic sensors for compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.


The most complete line of small, polysulfone liquid level sensors. Designed for the high quantity needs of the OEM, XM/XT-300 Series transmitters are the ideal level sensor for shallow tanks and reservoirs. Compact and versatile, these plastic level sensors offer a broad choice of mountings and float materials.

XM/XT 700

The XM/XT 700 series combines durability of metal with a compact design for restricted spaces.These compact units feature the rugged durability of stainless steel or brass construction in a lightweight package. Ideal for tanks less than 2 feet. XM/XT-700 Series transmitters are exceptionally versatile because of the many useful options available.



Carling Technologies PC-Series Circuit Breaker


The PC-Series, AC Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), combines the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker.

The PC-Series utilizes the hydraulic magnetic principle which provides precise operation and performance even when exposed to extremely hot and/or cold application environments.


  • Overload, short circuit and ground fault protection in a single package
  • Handle style actuators and rocker style “acuguard”
  • Wiping Contacts – Mechanical linkage with two-step actuation – cleans contacts, provides high, positive contact pressure & longer contact life
  • A trip-free mechanism, a safety feature which makes it impossible to manually hold the contacts closed during overload or fault conditions
  • A common trip linkage between all poles ensures that an overload in one pole will trip all adjacent poles


  • Increases safety around boats and marinas
  • Protects against electrical shock hazards in areas near water
  • Protects against defects in the wires & conductors
  • Reduces fire and shock hazards from defects in permanently installed appliances such as water heaters, battery chargers, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Detects low level ground faults, which do not trip ordinary circuit breakers, that can lead to fires and shock hazards for boating occupants


Alpha FIT-221L-3/4


New FIT-221LSZH heat-shrink tubing is a highly flexible, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant option to standard tubing.  It contains no lead, no halogens, has low-smoke generation, and produces no toxic fumes when burned, making it ideal in helping OEMs and maintenance personnel satisfy CA Prop 65 and RoHS requirements in a verity of applications.  The tubing also meets NASA’s definition of low outgassing.


• 2:1 shrink ratio
• -55°C to +105°C temperature range
• UL VW-1 (125°C, 600 V)
• Low water absorption
• Low outgassing
• Ten sizes ranging from 3/64” to 1” in diameter.
• Low smoke, zero halogen polyolefin
• Halogen free
• Lead free
• Antimony free
• RoHS compliant
• CA Prop 65 compliant

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TE Easy To Install connector system


The newly expanded, easy-to-install M8/M12 connector system offers design engineers a reliable and complete solution to decrease downtime in industrial environments and supports higher bandwidth needs, meeting the requirements of up to 10 Gb/s.

Product Features

  • Full industry standard solution including quick turn
  • Prototype cable assemblies
  • Easily installable connector system
  • X-coded connectors support higher bandwidth needs of up to 10 Gb/s
  • Quick and secure connection
  • Environment protection IP67 and IP68
  • Backwards compatible
  • Reliable communication with reduced downtime in industrial and harsh environments

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