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Weidmüller’s most popular Heavy Duty Connector (HDC) products, such as Weidmüller’s Rockstar® Rectangular Connector Kits/Components, FrontCom (Connectors), Cabtite Panel Access, and Cable glands, are now available in a variety of kits, that include everything you need to assemble these HDC kits all packaged and labeled in one bag.  This system provides many benefits, most notably, time, and space, by eliminating many individual part numbers and shrinking all of it down to one.

  • All components individually sealed
  • HDC kits packaged and labeled in one bag
  • All bulkheads have attached sealing gaskets (IP65)

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Comus Electronic Inclination Sensor

In recent years air suspension technology has evolved from only being used in truck trailers and heavy load vehicles to modern trucks, cars, camera vehicles and motor homes. In some cases the air bellow assists the conventional suspension system and gives added support or adjustment when a vehicle is loaded with heavy items. Having a level sensor on the vehicle is the best way to automatically adjust the suspension to suit a specific load.

Many modern air suspension systems utilize an electronic level sensor that feeds back information to a central controller which in turn adjusts the pressure of the air bellow suspension units to equalize an off balanced load. Comus tilt sensors are a proven and reliable choice for monitoring and leveling high rise window cleaning platforms and hydraulic lifts where safety is second to none and now the same technology that is relied upon for personal safety is being used in vehicle leveling devices. With a full range of inclination, acceleration and shock sensors our engineers are happy to offer advice, designs and technical support.
This truck is using the PDT1005 to evenly distribute the weight of its load. The PDT1005 is being used in the truck’s suspension to prevent one side of the truck from leaning over because of a heavier load located only on one side. Our smart sensor is located below the truck’s trailer to send information to the suspension for adjustments when necessary. This prevents the truck from tipping over and possibly causing a fatal accident.

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Honeywell Potentiometer Sensor

The Honeywell 380/53/RV4 and 388 series conductive plastic pots are economical potentiometers with rugged industrial construction and feature a conductive plastic element, designed to provide enhanced dynamic noise and enhanced rotational life.  These pots offer an extended life, a wide resistance range, either .5 or 2 W power ratings and CW audio and linear tapers.

308/53/RV4 Features:


  • Conductive plastic element designed to provide enhanced dynamic noise
    and enhanced rotational life
  • RV4 meets MIL-PRF-94 standards
  • 380/53: 2 in L shaft, round
  • RV4: 0.875 in L shaft, slotted
  • Solder lug terminals

388 Features:

  • Small size
  • Stackable – up to 6 modules
  • Rotary, push-pull, and momentary options
  • Hon_v2-3-20141/4 in or 1/8 in diameter shafts
  • Single, dualconcentric, or trimmer configurations
  • Wide range shafts, bushings, terminal styles, resistance values, tapers, and tolerances

Potential applications include

  • manual controls (joysticks, panel dials, throttles)
  • electric vehicles
  • personal mobility
  • off-road vehicles
  • forklifts
  • welding/heating
  • telecom

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TE Connectivity High Speed Copper Cable Assemblies

The pluggable I⁄O interface offers significant advantages as a high speed I⁄O interconnect. With a standard equipment I⁄O interface and the flexibility of pluggable modules, comes the option for fiber and copper links, and various data rates and protocols. The TE SFP+ and QSFP+ direct attach copper cable assemblies are low cost alternatives for short reach applications. The designs allow for data transmission rates up to 10Gbps per channel. These direct attach assemblies are hot swappable, and the programmed EEPROM signature enables the host to differentiate between a copper cable assembly and a fiber optic module. The mechanical design of the braid crimp and EMI skirt help ensure the EMI radiation is sufficiently suppressed. The low power consumption assists in making the passive copper cable assembly and economic solution for within Rack, or rack to tack applications.


  • Low cost alternative to fiber optic assemblies and transceivers.
  • SFP+ supports single channel broadband serial data rate up to 10Gbps
  • QSFP+ offers 4 channels of 10Gbps each, and provides 3 times the density of SFP+ ports

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3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes

Premium Vinyl Electrical tapes

3M offers a variety of premium vinyl electrical tapes including; Scotch® Super 33+™, Scotch® Heavy Duty Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88 and Scotch® Professional Grade Color Coding Vinyl Electrical Tape 35.  This family of tape is Made in the USA

  • Scotch® Super 33+™ is a 7 mil tape that is highly conformable, super stretchy in all weather applications; resists UV rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalies and acids. Primary insulation for splices up to 600V.
  • Scotch® Heavy Duty Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88 is an 8.5 mil all-weather vinyl insulating tape. It has an excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acids, corrosion in varying weather conditions.
  • Scotch® Professional Grade Color Coding Vinyl Electrical Tape 35 is a premium-grade electrical tape that stretches to conform to virtually any shape that requires color-coded insulation. Scotch 35 is abrasion and weather-resistant, with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties. It wraps smoothly and holds tight over a wide range of temperatures. There are nine stay-fast colors for color-coding applications.

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SolaHD High Efficiency in a Compact Size

SolaHD’s next-generation SDN-C power supplies offer high efficiency in a compact size, providing up to 960 Watts of output power in both single- and three-phase models. Featuring diagnostic LEDs, sag immunity, power factor correction and universal voltage, these are some of the highest performing DIN rail-mounted power supplies available for industrial use.


  • PowerBoost™ overload capability starts high inrush loads without foldback or shutdown
  • Accepts universal voltage 85-264 Vac, 50/60 Hz input
  • Class I Zone 2 hazardous locations rating
  • User adjustable output voltage accessible via front face
  • Parallel capability standard
  • Industrial grade design

Versatile Applications

  • Industrial/machine control
  • Process control
  • Conveying equipment
  • Material handling

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OLED technology will emerge as a leading next-generation technology for displays. OLEDs have been receiving a lot of attention around the world as a future display technology. OLEDs offer many significant advantages in relation to conventional LCD technologies.
*    Faster Response Time ” At +25ºC-10 µsec”
STN LCD displays 200 ms response time, OLEDs <10 µsec at 25ºC
*    Extra Thin – No Backlight Needed / Self Emitting
Much thinner and lighter than an LCD panel
*    High Brightness 
500 ~ 2000 CD/M2
*    Unlimited Viewing Angle “Up to 175 Degrees” OLED displays offer the most unlimited viewing angle
*    OLED Character Display
Same STN LCD char. type mechanical sizes & pin outs
Makes for an easy upgrade to OLED
*    Sunlight Readable Technology Options
Better than LCD in sunlight with added polarizer
*    Wide Operation Temperature “-40ºC ~ 80ºC”
The nature of OLED is self-luminous and operates in rugged environments
*    Lower Power Consumption
STN LCD requests around 100~300 mA while OLED request around 10~30 mA
*    High Contrast Ratio ” Up to 2000:1″
STN contrast ratio about 5:1 (+) and 10:1(-), OLED over 2000:1
Add a polarizer and the contrast ratio is over 10,000:1
*    Long Lifetime
100,000 hours standard, further testing shows 150,000 hours

Carling Technologies L-Series Circuit Breaker

The low profile, space saving L-Series circuit breaker is ideal for telecom/datacom applications. Its new optional current transformer feature allows outlet metering and monitoring of power usage thus facilitating load adjustments and maximizing efficiency.


  • Optional current transformer
  • Ultra low profile design saves valuable space
  • Optional handle guard actuator
  • UL 489 LISTED Branch Circuit breaker
  • Designed for worldwide datacenter compatibility with up to 240VAC ratings


  • Telecom/Datacom Industry
  •  – Power Distribution Units
  •  – Data Servers
  •  – Data Storage

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