Grayhill’s Multi Touch Control Wheel (Series T2)

The new Series T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel (MTCW) offers an expanded array of sensor data options, allowing the system to interpret many different finger gestures for machine command and image manipulation.
Approximately 4.5” in overall diameter, the MTCW is available in standard white or black, or can be made in custom colors.

It has the functionality of four devices in one unit:
1. Multi-touch touchpad
2. Virtual rotary encoder with 4 to 256 positions (actuated when a finger runs around the circular groove surrounding the touch surface)
3. Virtual 4-position joystick (touching points at north, south, east, west)
4. Proximity sensor

The robust MTCW allows the equipment manufacturer to consolidate many control functions in one HID. As a result, the manufacturer can eliminate superfluous trackballs, joysticks, touch screens, keypads and other switches, reducing the size and complexity of the control panel, while also reducing costs. The MTCW is manufactured as a complete sealed package, without any cracks, crevices or moving parts. In other technology, these areas are difficult to disinfect in bacteria-ridden environments such as hospitals. Another key feature of the MTCW is its small height profile, which allows for efficient and clean integration into a control panel.


Four devices in one:
– multi-touch touchpad
– virtual optical encoder
– virtual joystick
– proximity sensor
• Instinct Gesture Recognition
• Easy to integrate into any device
• Rugged, scratch-resistant surface
• Impervious to cleaning solutions
• USB compatible HID device

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Gopher can provide FFC & FPC solutions for your design needs

Flat Flexible Cable Assembly and Flexible Printed Circuit Termination

Flat Flexible Cable Assembly 

  • Copper conductors rolled flat for high
    flex life
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Light weight
  • Low profile
  • Custom made to exacting specifications
  • Multiple termination options
  • Cable assemblies may be “connectorized” to mate with industry-standard headers
  • EMI/RFI shielding is available

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Flexible Printed Circuit Termination

  • Flexible circuits allow unique designs.
  • Flex circuits dissipate heat at a better rate than any other dielectric material
  • Considerable weight reduction is a benefit over traditional round-wire harnesses
  • Thickness can be as thin as .004 inches (.10mm) in total
  • Insulation materials – Kapton, Mylar and Teflon

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Honeywell CPS Series Cable Pull Safety Switch

The CPS Series Cable Pull Safety switch is designed to provide emergancy stop protection for exposed conveyor and assembly lines.  The internal mechanism latches on both slackened cable (push) and pulled cable.  This capability also enhances productivity by eliminating nuisance stops due to variations in temperature, stretch of cable over time, and other application variables.


  • Direct opening action of NC(normally closed) contacts
  • 2CPS: 2NO/2NC, 1NO/3NC or 4NC contact configurations 1CPS: 1NO/1NC, 2NO/2NC, 1NO/3NC or 4NC contact configurations
  • Typical cable span of 76 m (250 ft) in an environment with a temperature change of ±17 °C (±30 °F). Longer spans are possible depending upon temperature change and installation (ref. note on page 6 for more details or Application note – Effect of Temperature on Cable Pull Switch Operation)
  • Choice of three actuator configurations (2CPS)
  • Removable contact block version available (2CPS)
  • Large wiring cavity with straight through wiring
  • 24 Vdc or 120 Vac bright, multicluster LED status indicator light available on
  • 2CPS. Single high intensity LED on 1CPS
  • Gold-plated contacts are standard on 2CPS, available on 1CPS
  • Die-cast zinc housing
  • Optional hardware packs available

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Eaton PVGard solar circuit breakers

Eaton expanded its line of circuit protection solutions for commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) applications to meet evolving industry requirements and broader ampere ratings. The Eaton PVGard® series molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) and molded case switches (MCS) provide a means to disconnect and overcurrent protection in a single device, reducing component counts in design and during maintenance. Designed and tested to PV specific criteria, Eaton PVGard circuit breakers and switches meet Underwriters Laboratories® 489B, which requires rigorous testing.


  • Designed to meet higher voltage and lower fault current levels of solar systems
  • Can be applied in grounded or ungrounded systems
  • Wide range of current ratings increases options for matching incoming strings
  • Tested to extreme ambient conditions from –40ºC to +90ºC
  • Ability to open on signal from PVGard DC arc fault detector
  • Meets and exceeds the standards of UL® 489B for photovoltaic molded-case circuit breakers

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Bussmann Fuses Made Simple

Bussmann’s Fuses Made Simple program delivers an easier and faster way to select and specify the right fuse. Fuses Made Simple groups the UL low voltage fuse portfolio into three tiers of protection and four fuse families–all based on key performance characteristics.

Ultimate Protection – The best protection in virtually any application. Unique dual-element construction delivers a powerful combination of all performance options in one fuse – fast short-circuit protection, current limitation and time-delay performance with up to 300kA interrupting ratings.

Advanced Protection – Application specific protection for sensitive devices and critical components or motors and transformers. Choose between fast short-circuit, current limiting performance or energy efficient, current limiting, time-delay performance based on the application. Featuring 200kA interrupting ratings.

Basic Protection – Basic single-element protection for service, feeder and branch circuit applications. Featuring up to 100kA interrupting ratings.

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