Bussmann Complete Protection from Damaging Surges & Over-voltages

The unique nature of PV installations increases vulnerability to over-voltages and surges from lightning strikes and static discharges. These surges need to be intercepted before they damage the PV arrays, charge controller/inverter and combiner boxes, or take down the entire system.
Bussmann PV PRO, HEAVY DUTY (HD) and ADVANCE provide maximum PV system productivity by combining surge protection, plus lightning current protection, for a complete PV protection from over-voltage events. Bussmann PV surge protective devices provide easy ID™ local visual indication standard, and optional remote contact signaling to keep maintenance personnel apprised of the SPD’s status.

PV PRO — Performance
• UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized, and
EN 50539-11 SPDs for most popular
bi-polar protection of 600Vdc and
1000Vdc PV applications
• Modular DIN-Rail mounting with IP20 finger-safe
construction makes it easy to install and maintain
• Built-in thermal disconnect technology eliminates the
need for any additional fuse installation and wiring
• easyID™ local visual indication and optional remote
contact signaling make status monitoring simple

• Patented, fast-acting hybrid
Short-Circuit Interrupting (SCI)
technology isolates system to
prevent damage caused by DC arcs
• UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized and EN 50539-11
SPDs for enhanced 600, 1000 and 1200Vdc
protection in mono- and bi-pole applications
• Modular DIN-Rail mounting with IP20 finger-safe
construction makes it easy to install and maintain
• easyID™ local visual indication and optional remote
contact signaling make status monitoring simple

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ACT NOW Weidmüller Tools: Finish Faster, with Higher Precision

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Weidmüller Tools: Finish Faster, with Higher Precision
The Weidmüller Professional Tool Kit provides everything necessary to prepare wires for connection in less time and with less fatigue. This 4 piece set includes:

*KT 8 Cable Cutter:
Cable cutting tool for up to AWG 3. Cutting without deformation of the cable, due to special sharpening and angle of the blades and very low hand forces required.

*Stripax® Stripping Tool: Automatic stripping tool from AWG 28 to 8. Single wires not damaged due to 70 single self-adjusting blades. Many features like cable cutter, part stripping, adjustable stripping length.

*PZ 6 Roto Crimper Ferrule: Ferrule crimping tool for AWG 26 to 10 with just one die; ratchet operation for precise crimping process, rotatable die for crimping from the front or the side.

*Ferrule assortment box

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Honeywell Rugged Sensors & Switches for Offshore Technology

Honeywell Limitless™ Wireless Solutions

These switches provide the same high quality performance as Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ products, only wirelessly. Honeywell’s Limitless™ switches are built to operate in rugged applications where never before possible, with less maintenance and more up-time.  New additions to the portfolio include the new wireless operator interface (WOI) push button control, designed to wirelessly turn on and off pumps, motors, drives, conveyors, and other industrial equipment, open or close gates and doors, or provide notification to remote locations.

Also the WLS Series non-contact switch that features an industrial-grade reed switch for non-contact presence/absence detection of a variety of different magnet styles and magnetic actuators installed on products, machines, or equipment. These devices expand Honeywell’s Limitless™ wireless portfolio that includes monitors, din-rail receivers, global limit switches, and heavy-duty limit switches.

Honeywell OneWireless™ XYR 6000 Wireless Position Sensors

Honeywell’s OneWireless™ XYR™ 6000 Position Sensor allows remote, reliable valve position monitoring in a variety of applications to avoid the time and risk of manually monitoring valves in hazardous areas and remote installations.

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ Hazardous Location Switches

Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ BX2 Series are built to provide superior reliability and performance in hazardous locations. Honeywell’s explosion-proof, weather-sealed design with flame path enclosures contain and cool escaping hot gases, with o-ring seals to render switches weather-proof, water-tight, and dust-tight.

Honeywell Wing Union/Hammer Pressure Sensors – Model 425 High Accuracy and Model 427 Wide Aperture

Honeywell’s new Model 425 and Model 425 High Accuracy Wing Union pressure sensors are available with either 0.2 % or 0.1 % high accuracy for extra sensitivity in pressure monitoring of drilling media and monitoring down hole drilling conditions. Honeywell’s new Model 427 Wide Aperture Wing Union has a rounded edge and wider aperture for use with more viscous mud and media blends and is available in 0.2 % accuracy.

Both models enable precise pressure monitoring of mud and media flow, enabling operators to accurately detect and monitor pressure spikes; thereby, leading to greater control and quicker adjustments for increased drilling time, productivity, and efficiency.

Honeywell Pressure, Temperature, and Position Sensors; Load Cells; and Torque Sensors

In addition to Wing Union pressure sensors, Honeywell offers a wide variety of pressure, temperature, and position sensors, load cells, and torque sensors built oilfield tough to provide enhanced precision, repeatability, and ruggedness in a variety of oil and gas applications. Our portfolio includes miniature sizes such as the Model S used for down hole tools and MWD (monitoring while drilling) applications to large load cells and torque sensors to monitor tubing weight, insertion force, and wireline tension. Subsea, high temperature, intrinsically safe options are available.

Carlings Complete Line of Telecom/Datacom Circuit Protection Products


A compact, high performance breaker that provides best in class performance in an innovative low profile, space saving package. Found in today’s telecom/datacom power distribution units and rack systems.


Features a unique and innovative arc-quenching configuration that allows the breaker to safely handle high amperage and high DC voltage applications in a compact package.


Features a compact, space saving, vertically mounted parallel pole configuration, which is UL489A listed up to 50 amps.


Ideal for applications that require higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a smaller package.

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Honeywell models with small size, rugged design, and accuracy help optimize test and measurement applications.

Honeywell showed a wide range of sensors designed to enhance productivity in a variety of test and measurement applications at the Sensor + Test Measurement Fair in Nurnberg, Germany, including new Model DPS Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®, and the Model S subminiature.

Honeywell Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®
Honeywell’s new Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®, Model DPS, are rugged, all-welded, and stainless steel. Featuring the CANopen® protocol, Model DPS sensors are highly configurable, so customers can choose from multiple pressure types, accuracy levels, pressure ranges, pressure connections, and electrical terminations to meet specific application needs. Configurations for digital measurements are fully temperature compensated and calibrated for pressure ranges from 10 psi to 10K psi or 1 bar to 700 bar or 70kPA to 70000 kPa, with accuracy ranges of 0.25% and 0.1%, and operating and storage temperature ranges from -25 °C to 85 °C [-13 °F to 185 °F]. Built tough to withstand harsh environments, the Model DPS with CANopen® protocol communication allows customers to connect to longer cable distances without sacrificing accuracy.

Honeywell Model S Series Subminiature Pressure Transducers
Featuring 1% accuracy, Honeywell Sensing and Control’s Model S Series of subminiature pressure transducers fit into tight spaces with little clearance, and accurately measure pressure ranges from 100 psi to 15000 psi. These rugged transducers are designed to handle high pressure and temperatures, with a high natural frequency and flush diaphragm for applications such as engine and transmission test stands, pressure brake testing, and hydraulic sensor testing.