Carling Rocker, Toggle & Pushbutton Switches


The 641-Series pushbutton switches are single or double pole heavy duty AC rated switches. These switches have a maintained action and are available in single or double throw construction. They utilize a slider contact mechanism. Typical required actuation force is 3 to 3 1/2 pounds.


The G-Series toggle switches feature a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism. They are AC rated and are also suitable for low voltage DC rated applications. They fit the industry standard .500 diameter mounting hole. These switches are available in a wide range of momentary and maintained single throw or double throw circuits, terminations, and bushing/toggle configurations

V-Series: Contura VII

Contura VII offers a softened version of Contura style, featuring gently curved corners and edges assuring compatibility with most any panel design. Intuitive feel is maximized by the use of 2 embossed circular pads located at opposite ends of the rocker. Any combination of Bar or Oval style lenses can be located in the pads providing a truly unique look.

The Contura switches, with sealed option for front panel components of the switch only, are certified to IP66 and IP68, signifying complete protection against dust and prolonged spray and submersion under pressure, and are recognized to UL1500 – Ignition Protection for Marine Products. These switches are vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture and salt spray resistant. Temperature ratings range from -40°C to 85°C.

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Bussmann new SurgePOD™ HEAVY DUTY

Today’s world is full of electronic products and electrical devices that are susceptible to damage from overvoltage surges.

Surges caused by static discharge, capacitive and inductive loads or lightning can quickly destroy sophisticated electronic equipment and components used in industrial and commercial applications and cripple operations – particularly the data and communication systems that virtually every enterprise relies upon today, including UL 508A panels with their reliance on control circuits.

SurgePOD ™ HEAVY DUTY (HD) from Cooper Bussmann is designed to provide electrical system overvoltage protection for industrial, commercial, light commercial and residential applications.


    • Type 1 UL 1449 3rd Edition Listed SPD
    • Compact UV resistant NEMA 4X enclosure
    • easyID™ local visual indication
    • Individually marked terminal leads
    • Nominal discharge current rating of 20kA
    • All voltage configurations of 120V to 600V

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Pepperl+Fuchs R2 Series Small Sensors for Tight Spaces

The R2 Series photoelectric sensors can be installed in an extremely small amount of space and feature a 45° cable outlet to increase mounting flexibility. The LED indicators are highly visible when installed. The display is clear and functional.

A flush, wear-resistant antistatic glass lens allows installation very close to the moving object. Dust and particles are no longer an issue. Theextremely bright transmitter LED simplifies alignment and operation. The light beam is easy to see, even on dark materials.


  • Ultra-small housing
  • 45° cable outlet for maximum mounting freedom under extremely tight space constraints
  • Improvement in machine availability with abrasion-resistant, antistatic glass lens
  • Clear, functional display for operating modes

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TE’s Innovative Wind Energy Solutions

TE Connectivity can assist you in making advancements in alternative wind energy with improved technical development and overall system solutions from the tip of the blade to the consumer. With an ever increasing pressure on quality and system availability, the alternative energy industry faces many opportunities. Whether system monitoring, motion and drive solutions, power and control interconnectivity, or any other related areas, such as modular turbine design, control systems, inverters or drives, these and many more challenges are being faced throughout this rapidly evolving market. For over 60 years, TE Connectivity has worked with industry leaders to introduce more cost-effective solutions, to develop systems to increase reliability, and to devise new and innovative ways to implement technically advanced solutions for emerging markets.

TE provides products for the various parts you might need or want.


TE provides products for all components of the nacelle, which is the largest feature of the wind turbine that houses the main systems for power generation and control.


Acts as a support to the nacelle and is the conduit for power and control to the ground systems.


Switchgear, Transformer, Converter… These systems prepare the power generated within the nacelle for transmission to grid.


A network of power and communications that interconnect the towers to the substation and the wind farm control station.


TE provides products for all components of the control station, including wind farm controls, power and communication interconnects.


Transmits the power from the wind farm throughout the public grid to the end user.


TE Connectivity is a trusted supplier of products for designers and manufacturers of control systems and panels for the wind sector

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