Weidmuller’s Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-T


Electronic circuit protector type ESX10-T is designed to ensure selective disconnection of DC 24 V load systems. DC 24 V power supplies, which are widely used in industry today, will shut down the output in the event of an overload with the result that one faulty load in the system can lead to complete disconnection of all loads. As well as an unidentified failure this also means stoppage of the whole system. Through selective disconnection the ESX10-T responds much faster to overload or short circuit conditions than the switch-mode power supply. This is achieved by active current limitation. The ESX10-T limits the highest possible current to 1.3 to 1.8 times the selected rated current of the circuit protector. Thus it is possible to switch on capacitive loads of up to 20,000 µF, but they are disconnected only in the event of an overload or short circuit. For optimal alignment with the characteristics of the application the current rating of the ESX10-T can be selected in fixed values from 0.5 A…12 A. Failure and status indication are provided by a multicolour LED and an integral short-circuit-proof status output or a potential-free signal contact. Remote operation is possible by means of a remote reset signal or a remote ON/OFF control signal. The manual ON/OFF button allows separate actuation of individual load circuits. The ESX10-T, with a width of only 2.5 mm, can be snapped onto symmetrical rails ensuring ease of installation and saving space in control cabinets. Upon detection of over load or short circuit in the load circuit, the MOSFET of the load output will be blocked to interrupt the current flow.The load circuit can be re-activated via the remote electronic reset input, control input or manually by means of the ON/OFF button

• Selective load protection, electronic trip characteristics
• Active current limitation for safe connection of capacitive loads up to 20,000 µF and on overload/short circuit
• Current ratings 0.5 A…12 A
• Reliable overload disconnection with 1.1 x In plus, even with long load lines or small cable cross sections
• Manual ON/OFF button (S1)
• Control input IN+ for remote ON/OFF signal (option)
• Electronic reset input RE (option)
• Clear status and failure indication through LED, status output SF or Si contact F
• Integral fail-safe element adjusted to current rating
• Width per unit only 12.5 mm
• Rail mounting
• Ease of wiring through busbar LINE+ and 0 V as well as signal bars and bridges


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Mechatronics Low Power Consumption AC Fans

Mechatronics Low Power Consumption (LPC) AC Fans provide four major benefits.  Firstly Mechatronics LPC AC model Fans lower your fan power consumption by up to 70%, while not sacrificing performance.  In fact these LPC AC model Fans increase your cooling capacity with higher airflow when compared to AC fan models in the same package size.  By incorporating higher airflow model fans into your applications, you improve system efficiency and/or prolong the life of your application.  Mechatronics LPC AC Fans also simplify your fan requirements by providing a Global Voltage model that can replace separate 115VAC and 230VAC models and consolidating your supply chain. These Global Input Voltage models offer a variety of input voltages ranging from 90VAC – 264VAC.  The LPC AC line offers a variety of options as well, from different monitoring options to environmental coatings.

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