Liquid Media-Compatible Pressure Sensors Improve Design, Cut Costs

Liquid Media-Compatible Pressure Sensors Improve Design, Cut Costs
In an article written by AJ Smith or MDT (Medical Design Technology), Mr Smith reviews some of the problems that face those in the  liquid chromatography, chemistry analysts, and blood diagnostic equipment design fields.  How do you choose which sensor to use for each application? The trickiest situation being that of category C applications where accurate pressure measurement of reagents, samples, and cleaning fluids is critical, and the application requires modest pressures (often less than 150 psi) and the sensor must interface with liquids or humid gases. Mr Smith suggests Honeywell’s 24PC/26PC board-mounted pressure sensors, and uses a chemistry analyzers pipette as his primary example of this.  this pipette need precise pressure readings and measurements time and again to maintain continuity through the experiments or research, and these sensors offer that.  Moving to ventilator applications, Mr. Smith recommends the Honeywell HSC-SSC sensors for their  “tight accuracy that allows them to detect pressure at ranges down to 250 Pa (in an inch of water).”

if you would like to learn more about these sensors and Mr. Smiths reasons for suggestion them, continue reading his article here: 

Switchcraft high amperage, sealed/non-sealed, locking/non-locking power jacks and plugs

Switchcraft high amperage, sealed/non-sealed, locking/non-locking power jacks and plugsHigh Amperage Sealed Jacks & Plugs are sealed to IP68, NEMA 250 (6P) when mated. High Amperage Non-Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs are available in locking or non-locking versions.  Both offer 24V, voltage ratings that can automatically switch over from AC to DC permitted by sleeve shunt spring. Up to 11A current rating (carry), and a 5000 cycle minimum life span


• Up to 11A current rating (carry), 24 V DC
• -40ºC to 105º C operating temperature
• Locking/Non-Locking versions available
• Automatic switch over from AC to DC permitted by sleeve shunt spring
• Available in sealed & non-sealed versions
• Sealed versions sealed to IP68, NEMA 250 (6P) (when mated)


• Any sealed data transmission
• Military or industrial GPS location devices
• Instrumentation
• Medical equipment
• Marine Applications
• Transportation
• General industrial electronic applications
• Power supplies

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Limitless WLS Heavy-Duty Switches

Limitless WLS Heavy-Duty SwitchesLimitless WLS Heavy-Duty Wireless Limit Switches combine the best of MICRO SWITCH HDLS heavy-duty limit switches with the latest wireless technology. Limitless Series switches have the same mechanical life, temperature ratings, and sealing as standard MICRO SWITCH™ limit switches, but they’re wireless.  Limitless switches can be configured to potentially allow up to sixteen devices to communicate with one receiver module. Wireless functionality is implemented through an 802.15.4 open protocol RF board operating in the 2.4 GHz globally license-free frequency band. The wireless signal is received by either a panel-mount receiver, or an industrial DIN-rail module, that then converts it to an output. Outputs can be LEDs, buzzers, or electrical signals.  Limitless™ switches eliminate the need for maintenance of equipment’s wiring, as there’s no actual wiring to install, no wear-and-tear to mend and no frayed cord to ever replace.

Industrial Pneumatic Control Applications

• Enables presence/absence detection in remote parts of application/machinery, where wiring is an issue or not feasible
• Reduced installation/maintenance costs with no wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, connection boxes, etc.
• Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
• Consumes ultra-low power to prolong battery life

Potential Applications:


• Door position
• Grain diverters or flaps
• Hose attachment verification
• Lifts
• Material handling
• Presses/conveyors
• Specialty machines
• Valve position

• Agricultural equipment
• Construction equipment
• Crane boom/jib/skew position
• Lifts
• Movable machinery
• Remote or temporary equipment

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