Seal your connections with Gopher Electronics and Switchcraft

Seal your connections with Gopher Electronics and SwitchcraftThe EN series of harsh environment sealed connectors from Switchcraft® utilize a patented o-ring-free sealing process to ensure their IP-68 rating. The EN3® connector is the larger of the two sizes in the connector series and is approximately 0.75″ in diameter. It boasts one of the largest varieties of standard configurations in the industry. This connector houses between 2 and 18 contacts available in solder, crimp or PC tail configurations. In addition there are cable end, cable to cable, and panel variations to meet all application types. Furthermore, the panel connector is available in the standard straight version as well as two different right angle panel connector options. For the cable and cable to cable connectors there are two different rear boots that complete the assembly and allow a cable diameter up to 0.380″

The EN2 connector series is the newest sealed connector from the Switchcraft® family of products. It offers great versatility in a compact 0.5″ diameter package size. A newly designed contact allows the installer to either crimp or solder the contact. The design also allows for 2 to 7 contacts in the smaller package size. In addition to the standard coupling ring on the cable end connector there is also a winged coupling nut which makes it easier to ensure secure engagement for the smaller connector. This product also uses the patented o-ring free sealing design which rates this product up to IP-68 NEMA 250 (6P).

Features and Benefits of the EN3®

  • Integrated seal provides a seal to IP68 NEMA 250 (6P) (when mated)
  • 2-18 contacts in 0.75″ dia. circular connector housing
  • Gold plated contacts standard
  • Solder, crimp and PC contact options
  • Straight and right angle panel connector options
  • Multiple cable boot options to accommodate cable up to 0.380″ dia.

Features and Benefits of the EN2

  • Sealed to IP68 NEMA 250 (6P) (when mated)
  • 2-7 contacts in a 0.5″ dia. circular connector housing
  • Available in standard or winged coupling ring
  • Copper Alloy plated contacts
  • Patented grommet and O-Ring free design
  • Solder, crimp and PC contact options


  • Transportation
  • General Industrial electronic applications
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical data carts
  • Marine applications
  • Any sealed data transmission
  • Military or industrial GPS location devices

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Paktron Capstick® & Quencharc® Capacitors

Paktron Capstick® & Quencharc® Capacitors
For over 60 years, Paktron has been manufacturing polymer film capacitors. Serving industries such as telecommunication, military, automotive, medical and high-end industrial, Paktron capacitors have provided improved stability, both electrically and mechanically, when compared with other ceramic capacitors.

Capstick® capacitors have true voltage ratings and, unlike other systems, require no voltage deratings for maximizing reliability or life usage. Cutting edge circuit designs have been created to take advantage of a film capacitor’s inherent reliability at rated voltage, while both reducing board size and improving performance.


  • Surface mount capability.
  • Ideal for high frequency switching power supplies and DC to DC converters.
  • Low ESR/ESL
  • High ripple current/ high capacitance.
  • Operating temperature range: -55 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius.
  • Volumetrically efficient.

Typical Applications:

  • Output Filter
  • High Voltage Input Filter
  • AC & Quasi AC Input Filter
  • Low Pass Filter

The Quencharc® snubber is the most widely recognized trademark in the industry for RC (resistor-capacitor) Network. Arcing, sparking and transients often cause premature failures in relays, switches, thyristors, triacs, contactors and related products.  Paktron Quencharcs® extend operating life when properly selected and applied.


  • Relay contact protection
  • Noise reduction on controllers/drivers
  • Dv/dt suppression on thyristor and triacs
  • EMI/RFI reduction
  • No lag time in suppression
  • Available voltages: 125VAC-660VAC

UL Recognized/CSA Certified

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Introducing Carling’s Contura VII – the Newest Design for V-Series Rocker Switches

Introducing Carling’s Contura VII – the Newest Design for V-Series Rocker Switches
A softened version of earlier Contura styles features gently curved corners and edges, assuring compatibility with almost any panel design. Intuitive feel is maximized by the use of 2 embossed circular pads located at opposite ends of the rocker. Any combination of Bar or Oval style lenses can be located in the pads, providing a truly unique look – one exclusive to Contura VII.

V-Series Switches Product Highlights

  • Maximum sealing protection with dual seals around lamps and rocker stem certified to IP66 & IP68. Optional panel seals for additional protection.
  • Silver-plated butt contact mechanism provides 50 to 100 thousand electrical cycles and a variety of different electrical ratings.
  • Roller pin mechanism does not require lubricants and allows the switch to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • The switch base accommodates up to 10 terminals and a large variety of switch and lighting circuits.
  • The multi-step mounting wings provide a secure fit for panel thicknesses of 0.032” thru 0.250” in an industry standard 0.830” x 1.450” mounting hole.
  • Switch connector allows the user to preload FQC terminals for easy assembly to switch base.
  • Numerous choices of removable rockers allow for style change without having to re-test or re-qualify the switch base.
  • Illumination options are endless, with bar, oval, and square lenses available in choices of incandescent, neon and a wide variety of LEDs, including superbrite, megabrite, flashing and bicolor lighting.
  • Available with a variety of complimentary mounting panels, hole plugs, illuminated indicators and boots to accommodate most design needs.

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The Comus Group’s SMD Reed Switch Line

The Comus Group’s SMD Reed Switch LineThe Comus Group has just introduced their full line of Surface Mount reed switches, which contains both commercial and professional grade, glass and housed surface mount switches.

The COTO® reed switch is the only reed switch recognized as the true professional grade quality switch, which is an aspect that many people have come to rely on in their applications. With this, Comus continues to bring to the market the highest quality part at competitive prices and lead times that are by far the very best in the industry.

Comus offers standard switches with the following options: close hysteresis types, high power types and glass sizes ranging from 5 mm to 14 mm; housed surface mount switches, which are also available in axial leads; and double-ended types, which may be actuated with an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both.

The SMD Reed switch finds its way to an increasing number of applicationsbecause its hermetic seal makes it resistant to outside ambient environmental conditions. With a reed switch using a magnet to open and/or close its contacts, it consumes zero power. This kind of part can be used in a variety of industries, such as Electronics, Automotive, Domestic and Industrial.

The Comus Group recognizes the severity of each application’s essential duty to operate accurately they are a reliable switching source for your switching needs.


  • 100% galvanic isolation
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Ambient Operating Temperature
  • Dust and water resistant
  • No power consumption
  • Single-pole, single throw (SPST) type
  • Professional (ATE) Grade / Commercial Grade
  • Available in Axial Leads
  • Glass Size Ranging from 5mm to 14mm

SMD Press Release
Reed Switch Night Vision Application 

Honeywell’s 6-D Motion Variant 6DF IMU Sensors

Honeywell’s 6-D Motion Variant 6DF IMU SensorsThe Honeywell 6-D Motion Variant 6DF (six degrees of freedom) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors are designed to provide motion, position, and navigational sensing from a durable single device over six degrees of freedom. This is achieved by using MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology to sense translational movement in three perpendicular axes (surge, heave, sway) and rotational movement about three perpendicular axes (roll, pitch, yaw). Because the movement/rotation along the three axes are independent of each other, such motion is said to have “six degrees of freedom.”

The 6DF Series IMU measures the motion of the equipment onto which it is attached and delivers the data to the equipment’s control module using industry-standard CAN SAEJ1939 communications protocol, allowing the operator to focus on other equipment functions, enabling more precise control than can be achieved by using only the human eye, thus increasing safety, stability and productivity. The 6DF Series is available in two versions: one with a 2 g accelerometer and the other with a 6 g accelerometer.

Honeywell S&C has long been a leader in providing innovative position sensing solutions, such as SMART, Resolvers, and Magnetic devices. With the launch of the new 6DF Series IMU, 6-D Motion Variant, the portfolio is expanding to include a high-end position sensor with sensitive multi-axis motion control. The design of the new product leverages technology that has been successfully used by Honeywell Aerospace in applications for navigation and control, such as missiles and small rockets. The collaboration allows S&C the ability to offer customers an innovative solution for their multi-axis position sensing needs.

(+ = competitive differentiator)

+ Industry-leading Six Sigma design standards

º Provides the highest level of product quality, performance, and consistency

º Some competitive products may be produced to much lower Sigma tolerances, which may result in some products not performing to the specification in certain conditions
+ Industry-leading durability

º Aluminum housing protects device from damage due to stones, dust, dirt, pressure washing, and humidity, allowing for use in harsh and outdoor environments

º Corrosion-resistance minimizes susceptibility to deterioration often experienced in saltwater environments

º Compatible with chemicals such as diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, gas/ethylene glycol, brake fluids, urea, liquid lime, NPK fertilizer, ammonia hydroxide, and alkaline degreasers

º IP67 and IP69k ratings provide resistance to weather

º Wide operating temperature range withstands most thermal extremes, preventing package breakage

º EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) rating protects device from environmental radio frequencies

º Reduces replacement/downtime due to broken parts, temp incompatibilities, EMC and EMI, and exposure to chemicals
+ Industry-leading accuracy

º Provides highly accurate 6-dimensional rotation and acceleration outputs due to the IMU’s industry-leading durable packaging, industry-leading stability, temperature compensation, software filtering and design, and automotive-grade Six Sigma testing requirements

+ Industry-leading ease of integration

º SAEJ1939 CAN 29 bit identifier communication output—the standard for the Transportation segment—allows more data to be transmitted than an RS-485 output

º IP67 and IP69k ratings minimize the need to design weather-resistant packaging around the IMU, allowing for a wide range of use in the application

º Wide voltage range (7 V to 32 V) minimizes the need for a voltage converter

º Deutsch connector, common in Transportation applications, simplifies customers’ supply chain and reduces design complexity

º Chemical compatibility minimizes the OEM having to expose the device to the substances

· 6-dimensional motion sensing

º Senses 3-D motion in the forward/backward, up/down, and left/right accelerations combined with rotation about three perpendicular axes (pitch, yaw, roll)

º Provides key equipment operating data for automated steering and control

º Frees operator to focus on equipment functions

º Enables precise control that otherwise cannot be achieved by the human eye alone

º Increases accuracy

º Increases safety

º Increases stability
+ Increases operator productivity

º Industry-leading voltage input flexibility (7 V to 32 V)

º Allows customers with multiple product lines the ability to purchase only one catalog listing instead of multiple listings

º Allows the IMU to accommodate voltage fluctuation within the vehicle/device

º Provides reverse-polarity protection in case the end customer accidentally reverses the red and black battery voltage wires

+ Industry-leading application expertise

º Honeywell’s application engineers are available to provide assistance to customers to help troubleshoot unforeseen communication protocol data, helping to optimize customers’ system performance

º Honeywell’s application engineers are available to answer design questions during the development, launch, and production of the customer’s product

+ Industry-leading customization

º For Transportation applications with high volumes over 500 units per year, Honeywell will consider offering a choice of any CAN protocol, acceleration range up to ±6 g, rotation rates up to ±75 °/s, inclination angles up to ±50° and a sensor update rate from 1 Hz to 100 Hz

º Allows customers to customize the IMU so it readily fits into existing vehicle protocol architecture

º Allows customers the ability to quickly and easily make custom protocol inclusions into the IMU

º Allows fast customer development turnaround with expert engineering support

º No customization for Aerospace and Military ITAR-applicable applications

+ Industry-leading automotive-grade qualified

º Certified to operate in automotive-grade environments due to:

  • Temperature compensated to operate from -40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
  • Meets EMC and EMI requirements
  • Meets ESD (electrostatic discharge) requirements
  • Chemical compatibility (e.g., diesel, hydraulic oil, gas/ethylene glycol, brake fluid, urea, liquid lime, NPK fertilizer, ammonia hydroxide, and alkaline degreaser)

+ Industry-leading temperature performance

º A temperature sensor is placed within each rotation rate sensor within the IMU
º Provides a temperature value to the processing module where the data samples                                                    are filtered and compensated
º Allows customer’s system to perform over a wide temperature range

· Long-term stability

º Even after long-term use and thermal extremes, provide enhanced long-term   stability
º Minimizes system calibration needs
º Maximizes system performance
º Helps support system uptime by eliminating the need to service or replace the sensor during its application life

· No calibration needed

º Large batches of the IMU are calibrated to a flat surface
º Provides calibration consistency between units
º Eliminates customer’s need to calibrate the IMU

Competitive products include devices from Epson, Xsens, Gladiator Technologies, and MicroStrain®. Honeywell’s competitive advantages include:

  • Designed to Six Sigma standards
  • Industry-leading durability
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Eases integration
  • Industry-leading voltage input flexibility
  • Industry-leading application expertise
  • Industry-leading customization
  • Automotive-grade qualified
  • Industry-leading temperature performance

Transportation (tractors, harvesters, loaders, graders, bulldozers)
Motion type (see detail below):
1) Stability
2) Rollover prevention/detection
3) Grading/harvesting

Industrial (mining conveyors, robotics, shaker tables)
Motion type (see detail below):
1) Stability
2) Rollover prevention/detection

Aerospace/Military (non ITAR) (ground vehicles UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles)
Motion type (see detail below):
1) Stability
2) Rollover prevention/detection

Motion Type Detail
1) Stability: Stability is a critical feature for all types of vehicles, both in motion and those with capabilities to move large loads. Honeywell’s 6DF IMU can be used to help provide traction on uneven surfaces, or vehicle stability when a load or boom arm is extended on the job. This is also beneficial for automatic steering. These benefits may be extended to heavy-duty equipment such as shaker tables and mining conveyors.

Customer benefits:

º Provides vehicle traction

º Prevents mechanical arm overextension
º Provides safe equipment operation
º Extends vehicle product life due to reduction in vibration and other mechanical stresses
º Reduces operator error

2) Rollover Prevention/Detection: Preventing vehicle rollover is important for safe operation and equipment longevity. Honeywell’s 6DF IMU can be used to prevent vehicle rollover in a wide variety of environments. Whether it’s a vehicle traveling over rugged terrain, or a front loader with a fully extended load, the IMU can be used to provide the operator a warning when the vehicle is approaching an angle of tilt or inclination that could lead to a vehicle rollover, preventing potential catastrophic damages to the vehicle or operator.

Customer benefits:
º Prevents equipment damage
º Provides operator safety
º Extends vehicle product life due to reduction in vibration and other mechanical stresses
º Reduces operator error
º Withstands harsh outdoor conditions

3) Grading/Harvesting: Accurate grading and harvesting are imperative to constructing quality roadways and to maximizing crop yields. The 6DF IMU data may be used to ensure a flat, smooth roadway or field for road grading or planting purposes. It may also be used to optimize harvester blade levels to maximize crop yield in uneven fields.

Customer benefits:
º Saves time by reducing the number of steps in processes requiring heavy machinery
º Maximizes crop yields
º Withstands harsh outdoor conditions

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For Your Sophisticated Electronics, SolaHD’s Power Supplies

For Your Sophisticated Electronics, SolaHD’s Power SuppliesFor any system that depends on sophisticated electronics, everything begins with the power supply. SolaHD’s proven and widely used SDN Series provides industry leading performance and innovative features in DIN rail mounted power supplies up to 40 Amps. Options include compact form factors, low power DIN rail models, and more.

SDP  Low Power DIN Rail Series:
  • Slim footprint
  • No tools required for mounting
  • Adjustable output
  • PowerBoost™ industrial overload design
  • Overvoltage, continuous short circuit protection
SDN-C Compact DIN Rail Series:
  • Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, thanks to -25°C/-13°F to 60°C/140°F operating range without derating, parallel operation capability and rugged construction
  • Compact packaging reduces width on the DIN rail by 27% and 23% respectively, compared to existing 10 amp and 5 amp models
  • Diagnostic LEDs display input and output status
  • High mean time between failures (MTBF) means high reliability and long life
  • High efficiency saves energy and lowers the amount of heat generated in the panel
SDN-P DIN Rail Series:
  • Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications: -10°C/14°F to 60°C/140°F operating range without derating, parallel operation capability and rugged construction
  • Sag immunity and power factor correction
  • Broad range of products to fit almost any application, from 2.5 through 40 Amps, 24 Vdc
  • Single and three phase inputs available
  • 12 Vdc and 48 VDE single phase models available
SCP Series:
  • International approvals for global use
  • DIN rail mount or chassis mount (low profile versions only)
  • Rugged, encapsulated design
  • IP20 protection for use in harsh environments
  • Many output voltages, 3.3-48 Volts; single, dual, triple

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ebm-papst Fans, Blowers and Technology

“Giant” is more than a big word at ebm-papst. Its new W3GZ50 series EC axial fan boasts a 1250mm (49.2 inch) blade diameter and is currently the world’s largest-diameter EC air mover with integrated electronics!
ebm-papst Fans, Blowers and Technology

Energy efficient, simple to use, and able to be installed in a variety of air-moving applications, the new series is easily customized by end users – perfect for use with refrigeration condensers, chiller applications, or large-scale ventilation applications. One large W3GZ50 equates to fewer smaller fans being used.
A complete fan assembly like the W3GZ50 series streamlines your purchasing and inventory requirements. The complete fan assembly consists of a motor, blade, venturi and finger guard, all of which have been designed to work together for maximum efficiency and to eliminate the need to work with multiple vendors and patch together a fan assembly from various manufacturers. A complete assembly can simplify your production line by reducing wiring and installation time.

This air mover has an impressive list of features to match its size; namely:

-Air performance- the direct drive motor and blade combination are able to produce over 38,000 CFM and can operate efficiently with backpressure levels of up to 0.8 inches of water.

-Factory balanced blade – the rotating motor and blades are balanced as a complete assembly on the production floor to insure a smooth operation.

-It accepts traditional control inputs – So that you can fully speed control this fan in your application, our integrated electronics will accept a variety of control inputs. For a simple setup, this means you can use either a 0-10VDC input, 0-100% PWM input, or a 4-20mA input from an outside controller to completely vary the speed of the fan.

-RS485 Modbus RTU protocol ready – Many of the previously mute devices that are part of our daily lives are starting to become vocal, whether we like it or not! Our cars, heating systems and even our home refrigerators now are capable of telling us what condition they are in with texts and e mails. The lineup of EC Giants over 500 Watts are ready to be heard as well! If you would like this fan to be a vocal participant in your assembly, it is simple to establish two-way communication using the on-board RS485 Modbus RTU protocol. Not only can you command the speed at which the RPM will run, you can also obtain the run hours, the specific alarm status, internal motor temperature and many other bits of information that will keep you informed and up to date for critical applications. ebm’s ongoing partnerships with key worldwide controls manufacturers make incorporating digital communication easier than ever before.

-Built in PID controller – for ultimate flexibility, the built-in process controller allows you to program this unit to run independently without the need for a separate process controller to handle common field tasks. For example, when programmed to operate in closed-loop sensor mode with your supplied temperature, pressure or other sensor, the fan will maintain a process specific set point. Simply set the sensor parameters and how quickly you want the fan to respond and the process controller will take it from there. The set point can either be entered using software to prevent unauthorized changes or from an accessible potentiometer for simple adjustments by anyone in the field. This powerful feature is a perfect way to reduce components in your overall assembly. Even if you choose not to use this feature as the main process controller, it can easily be programmed and can remain dormant in the background as a backup to the main process controller.

These are just some of the advanced features this exciting new product has to help simplify your larger air moving projects.

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Honeywell Pressure Switches, High-Pressure Premium, HPS Series

New Product Introduction: Honeywell Pressure Switches, High- Pressure Premium, HPS Series

Honeywell’s Pressure Switch, High-Pressure Premium, HPS Series is the first in a new portfolio of configurable pressure switches designed using a building-block approach to meet the unique requirements of Honeywell’s global customers. The HPS Series boasts durable, reliable electro-mechanical gauge pressure on/off switches available either with single pole single throw (SPST) normally open or normally closed circuitry, or single pole double throw (SPDT) circuitry. Their IP67 environmental sealing and high-proof and burst-pressure ratings allow for use in rugged applications that require the making or breaking of an electrical connection in response to a pressure change of the system media. Available with a pressure switching point range between 150 to 4500 psi. Additional pressure switches are planned.


In order to meet their global application requirements, Honeywell customers need a reliable 2M life cycle pressure switch with various pressure ports and connectors. Honeywell’s current pressure switch lineup, consisting of the 1000 Series, 5000 Series, III Series, Series V, PBN1 Series, and PBN2 Series, currently do not provide the life cycle or ports and connectors to meet this need.FEATURES AND BENEFITS
(+ = competitive differentiator)+ Up to 2 million life cycle: Provides long life in the application
+ IP67 sealing rating: Ensures media ingress will not create switch failure; use in harsh applications where the switch experiences fluid splashes or temporary immersion, enhancing reliability/durability
+ Wide choice of pressure ports and electrical terminations:Allows customers to configure the switch to meet their application needs; configurability of electrical terminations allows global customers with unique regional and platform needs to develop a comprehensive portfolio of products· High proof [10000 psi] and burst pressure [20000 psi] ratings:Reduces field failures; allows for use in a wide range of applications, allowing customer to consolidate suppliers· Durable:Can operate in tough environments due to compatibility with a variety of media [petroleum-based hydraulic fluids (engine oil, gasoline, diesel, transmission fluid, etc.), pressurized air, water, mineral oil-based brake fluid, and more]· Pressure switching point range [150 to 4500 psi]:Allows for use in a wide range of applications· Up to ±2% switching point accuracy: Provides efficient operation of equipment

· Wide operating temperature range -40 to 120 °C [-40 to 248 °F]: Allows for use in rugged outdoor applications

· 5 mA to 5 A switching capability: Allows for use in applications from heavy loads to those connected to an electronic control unit

· Hysteresis option: Helps improve system operation


Competitive products include devices from Nason CD, Gems PS71,Suco 0183, and Sigma-Netics 744S.

  • Burst pressure range: Honeywell leads the competition in burst pressure range; this feature allows the HPS Series to operate in the harshest of environments while maintaining switch reliability
  • Life: Honeywell’s industry leading life cycle creates a longer lasting reliable switch, reducing warranty costs to the OEM and downtime to end users at a low cost relative to sensor alternatives
  • Ingress protection: Honeywell’s IP67 sealing ensures media ingress won’t create switch failure, enhancing durability


  • Transportation
  • Heavy-duty construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Material-handling machinery
  • Industrial
  • CNC machines
  • Compressors
  • Boilers
  • Fracking equipment
  • Mud pumps
  • Presses
  • Punches
  • Pressure washers
  • Trash compactors
  • Water jet cutting machine
  • Any machinery that uses high-pressure hydraulic fluids

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