Honeywell TruStability® Silicon Pressure Sensors

Honeywell TruStability® Silicon Pressure SensorsThe newest line of Honeywell TruStability® Silicon Pressure Sensors offers a single side Liquid Media Option allowing the end customer to use one port of the sensor with condensing humidity or non-corrosive liquid media.  These sensors propose different accuracies and compensated temperature ranges addressing specific segment needs. Key benefits not found in competitive silicon sensors include:Stability: the most stable silicon pressure sensors available!Accuracy:  designed to provide an extremely tight accuracy specificationFlexibility:  Modular, flexible design offers many package styles and options, all with the same industry-leading performance specifications.

Potential medical applications include airflow monitors, anesthesia machines, blood-analysis machines, gas chromatography, kidney dialysis machines, life sciences, oxygen concentrators, respiratory machines, sleep apnea equipment, and ventilators. Potential industrial applications include barometry, flow calibrators, gas flow instrumentation, HVAC, and pneumatic controls.


  • Key Features Include:   output options, total error band, compensated temperature range, standard calibration units, and are RoHS complaint (see *HSC and *SSC below for details).
  • Mounting Design:  Allows lead through SIP or SMT
  • Calibration:  Need for calibration is eliminated
  • Temperature Compensated and Calibrated:  Eliminates problems that could occur with multiple signal conditioning components across the PCB
  • Flexibility:  Multiple packaging, mounting power, compatible outputs, and custom calibration  ranges
  • Space:  Takes less space on PCB and allows for easier placement on boards and/or small devices
  • Repeatable: Excellent repeatability, high accuracy and reliability under demanding conditions
  • Efficient:  Allows pressure monitoring within specific range, allowing for adjustments
  • Sensitive:  Meets pressure-level requirements and provides enhanced sensitivity and accuracy over the range

*HSC (High-Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series: Industry-leading ± 1% total error band specification, compensated across a 0 °C to 50 °C [32 °F to 122 °F] temperature range.*SSC (Standard Silicon Ceramic) Series:  ± 2% total error band specification compensated across a wider -20 °C to 85 °C [-4 °F to 185 °F] temperature range.

TRIAD Next-Gen UL Class 2/3 PC Mount Split PackTM Transformers Combine Innovative Design With Price-Performance

Split PackTM Transformers Combine Innovative Design With Price-Performance TUV Approved For Applications Worldwide

With its advanced flexible split pack, improved split-bobbin design, Class F 155°C insulation system and TUV approval for worldwide use, the next-generatio – C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pac Transformers fromTriad Magnetics set a new industry standard in this product category.

Triad’s -C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers are the next generation of transformers, offering rugged construction that meets UL5085 Class 2/3 requirements and TUV approval for demanding applications around the globe.  Triad’s leading-edge bobbin design provides superior electrical performance combined with a new robust printed-circuit board (PCB) pin design for highly reliable mechanical strength and integrity when mounted to the circuit board.

All Triad -C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers utilize a Class F insulation system, which is suitable for operating environments up to 155C and more robust than typical Class B 130°C parts found in similar products.  They are high potential (hipot) tested for dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV) strength to 4200V for both single and dual winding configurations — a significant improvement from the industry standard 2500V for this type of three-flange bobbin construction.

The –C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers are non-concentrically wound, with both the primary windings and the secondary windings placed side-by-side.  Unlike the secondary-on-top-of-primary designs common in some transformer designs, the split bobbin winding and low-capacitive coupling eliminate costly electrostatic shielding that reduces total installed cost.  They are designed with a dual, independent secondary configuration that can also be connected in series or parallel to increase output voltage flexibility.

The versatile and cost-effective –C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers are suitable for a wide variety of PC boards, including computers, industrial controls, power equipment, communication systems and other devices. They operate over a wide range from 1.1 to 56.0 VA. Depending on the configuration selected, the primary is always 115 V, 50/60 Hz, and the secondary in series range is from 10 to 56 V with the parallel from 5 to 28 V.

The –C2 Models F and FS Split Pack Transformers’ rectangular package features 6 pins on the single primary and 8 pins on the dual primary.  Depending on the model configuration specified, they range in size from 1 1/8-x-1 3/8 inches to 2 3/16-x-2 5/8 inches.  The -C2 Models are shipped in anti-static tube packaging that protects the mounting pins during transportation and handling.  This protective packaging allows the transformers to be received directly onto the production line, reducing handling and waste costs.

Depending on the specific model selected and the quantity ordered, the –C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers are priced starting at $1.89 each in quantities of 1000 units with delivery from stock to 8 weeks lead time. They are available off-the-shelf from Triad’s extensive distributor network. Triad’s design engineers also work with customers to create custom products to fit specific applications.