The Wireless Honeywell Pressure Sensor – Benefits and Applications

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Wireless Pressure Sensors by Honeywell

Honeywell was founded in 1906 and has been a consistently popular name brand in both commercial and consumer electronics, serving the aerospace market and beyond. At Gopher Electronics we supply Honeywell products such as the wireless Honeywell pressure sensor. This highly accurate pressure sensor is designed to provide accurate readings every single time, and can be used for all kinds of outdoor applications.

The Honeywell Limitless™ Wireless Pressure Sensors, WPS Series is intended to be integrated into either a new or old instrumentation system. No matter which type of Honeywell pressure sensor you choose, it is guaranteed to comply with your pre-existing system. These sensors have a variety of built-in antenna options for flexible adaptation. In addition, due to their harsh, weather- and-corrosion-resistant exterior coating, the Honeywell sensors are capable of withstanding the elements.


If you need to complete any of the following applications, you may find a Honeywell pressure sensor quite helpful.

  • Leak detection or pressure drop detection
  • Well head monitoring
  • Process monitoring of important pressures
  • Liquid level sensing
  • Monitoring tank levels for either water or corrosive liquids
  • Irrigation water pressure monitoring
  • Gauge placement
  • Process pump failure monitoring
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Eye wash monitoring
  • Safety shower monitoring

These are only some of the potential industrial applications that can be completed in an outdoor setting to ensure that your workplace is safe and free of hazards. The Honeywell WPS Series is resilient enough to handle corrosion and weather damage, while providing efficient, up-to-the-minute readings of pressure levels. Stainless steel pressure ports ensure that these pressure sensors can withstand the harshest environments without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Honeywell products are supplied by Gopher Electronics. We would be happy to give you more information about pressure sensors—and if you are already in the market for one, with 72-hour turnaround rates, we can easily deliver one to your workplace soon.