3M – All of the Products We Have in Stock are Designed to Serve Your Distribution Needs

Are you experiencing interconnection problems on your assembly line? U.S. manufacturers continue to embrace technology moving to fully or partially automated assembly production. If your company relies on circuitry and membrane switch systems, consider the benefits of flexible printed circuits (FPC) and membrane switches. Suppliers can create unique designs to solve all types of interconnection issues using flexible circuitry.

At Gopher Electronics, we specialize in supplying products with the brand label 3M. All of the products we have in stock have been designed to deliver effective distribution solutions.

Custom Solutions

A central proponent of FPC and membrane switching is flexible flat conductor cable (FFC), which delivers a consistent interconnectivity solution. FFC is lightweight, low profile, small outline cable designed to deliver high-density cable applications. As the name implies, the flat flexible cable can be folded and twisted repeatedly. A supplier will assemble and customize with a variety of components to simplify your production.

Final assemblies are integrated to combine single or multiple components to generate all types of cable and connector combinations. Downstream suppliers are competitive for market share, so consider one that produces just-in-time solutions.

FFC characteristics

In assembly applications that call for cabling to be repeatedly flexed , FFC is designed for high lifecycle applications and board-to-board jumpers. Flat flexible cable is available in a variety of pitches and jackets to fit a broad range of applications. Copper is the key material with flexible properties, the long-lasting range of motion and excellent heat dissipation. Other benefits of using flat flexible cable include:

  • Customization to Specifications
  • Multiple Termination Options
  • Low Weight
  • Superb Thinness


Not the professional at assembly? Gopher Electronics supplies a full-range of flexible printed circuitry and membrane switch termination. We take the process one-step further and will assemble and customize a large variety of components to simplify a company’s ordering and logistics. We will integrate assembly into single or multiple components with many cable and connector combinations.

Gopher Electronics will build your custom sub assembly at our shop facilities in MN and deliver finished assembly right to your factory floor. This just-in-time supply keeps your factory running with minimal downtime.

The Professionals

Gopher Electronics is a Stocking distributor specifically of 3M. All of the products we have in stock enable us to produce customized solutions with a 72-hour turnaround on sub-assemblies. This also decreases our materials costs, which benefits our clients. Customization is key, and at Gopher Electronics we deliver your FFC and FPC components to your required specifications.

Bussmann Introduces New Rotary Disconnect Switches

A complete new line of fused and non-fused rotary disconnect switches provides users with flexibility and convenience for point-of-use configuration. Available in ratings from 16 to 1200A, this new line includes open and enclosed models to meet UL 508 and UL 98 disconnect requirements

Open Rotary Disconnects

  • Modular, easy to install accessories
  • SCCR options of 25kA, 100kA and 200kA on select switches
  • Most switches can be operated with a front, right side, flange, or direct mount handle mechanism

Enclosed Disconnect Switches

  • NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 12, 4X Stainless Steel, and 4X Polycarbonate enclosures
  • Field installed accessories easily enhance switches for specific application
  • Lockout/tagout with up to three 1/4″ padlocks enhances safety

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Weidmüller OMNIMATE Signal

Weidmuller Omnimate Signal

When designing customized device connectivity products for modern applications, it is becoming increasingly important to find the perfect fit between device miniaturization and increased device functionality. Weidmüller’s new double-row OMNIMATE B2CF Signal connector, in 3.5 mm pitch, has this perfect fit and enables a new generation of more compact installations.

This connector is easy to work with, despite the increased functionality being packed into a compact space. The PUSH IN direct-insert wire connection mechanism allows you to conveniently connect the signal wires. There are more useful features: the tool-free locking and unlocking, the touch-safe male header, and the outstanding clarity provided by easy-to-read markers that identify each terminal point.

  • Solid PUSH IN contacts
  • Large wire cross-sections
  • Convincing safety during use
  • Clear frontal marking

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AlphaWire Photovoltaic Wire and Solar Cable

AlphaWire Photovoltaic Wire and Solar Cable

Alpha Wire’s new solar cables and photovoltaic wire are designed for the harsh environments of solar energy applications-the hot and cold of climate extremes, ozone and UV radiation, moisture, oil, and direct burial. The cables use a specially formulated PVC jacket to provide years of reliable service by withstanding the potential environments without failing or degrading.

Available in a wire range from 14 AWG to 2 AWG, the photovoltaic wires come in two versions to meet either UL 4703 PV wire/TÜV 2 PFG 1169 requirements or UL 4703 PV wire requirements. UL/TÜV photovoltaic wires are made with low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) materials which do not emit toxic gases when burned. The UL PV wire products use a cross-linked polyethylene insulation and PVC jacket.

Solar cables, in sizes from 18 AWG to 12 AWG and conductor counts from 3 to 9, are available shielded or unshielded. The TC-ER and MTW-rated cables feature a tough and abrasion-resistant jacket to provide robust performance for years.

Both the PV wire and solar cable are designed specifically for solar environments-they are sunlight and oil resistant and withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and high as +90°C. In addition, the solar cables meet requirements for direct burial without conduit.


Solar Cable Features:

  • TC-ER
  • UL MTW
  • VW-1
  • FT-1
  • 1000 V
  • Stranded bare copper conductors
  • PVC jacket
  • PVC/nylon insulation
  • Tinned copper braid shield, 85% coverage
  • Sunlight, ozone, and UV resistant
  • Direct burial
  • Oil Res. I
  • Moisture resistant
  • 10x bend radius
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C static/-30°C bending to +90°C

Photovoltaic Wire Features:

  • 14 AWG to 2 AWG
  • UL 4703 PV wire/TUV Pfg 1169 LSZH wire
  • UL 4703 PV wire PVC jacketed wire
  • -40°C to +90°C
  • Oil and sunlight resistant

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Relialign™ CDI Commercial Door Interlock Switches

Relialign™ CDI Commercial Door Interlock Switches

Honeywell’s Relialign™ CDI Series Commercial Door Interlock Switches are designed for swing door applications that include commercial elevators, dumbwaiters, and platform lifts. The door interlock holds the door in place and prevents it from being opened when not desired. A number of design features contribute to its enhanced safety, reduction of nuisance stoppages and call-backs, as well as simplified wiring and installation.


  • Compliance with ASME A17.1, ASME A18.1, cULus, and CN/CSA B44
  • Reliable performance and multiple design features minimize nuisance stoppage of applications
  • Manual override for easy actuation without user hazard reduces the potential for call-backs
  • Door closure retention cam holds door with minimal key-to-interlock play; a new design material provides more pull force than the competitions’s models
  • Series or parallel wiring option for door closed and door locked switches
  • Snap-action switches used to indicate door closure, providing an extra level of security
  • Terminal block or one piece RJ-45 Category 5 connections for quick and easy connection
  • Universal voltage for AC and DC applications

Honeywell Hall-Effect Rotary Sensors: RTY Series

Honeywell Hall-Effect Rotary Sensors: RTY Series

Honeywell’s RTY series Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors are designed for use in transportation and industrial applications.  They offer long life, non-contact position sensing, configurability, rugged use in harsh environments, and flexibility for their design engineers who wish to use them.   The RTY Series Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors use a magnetically biased, Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) to sense rotary movement of the actuator shaft over a set operating range, rotation of the actuator shaft changes a magnet’s position relative to the IC.   The resulting flux density change is converted to a linear output.  The IC, together with conditioning and protection circuitry, and the permanent magnet, is sealed in an IP67-qualified rugged package for durability in most harsh environments


  • 12 M Cycle product life
  • Solid-state Hall-effect technology
  • Variety of options for sensing range angle, pinout style, and supply voltage
  • Rugged IP67 sealed package with integral connector
  • Automotive-grade EMI/EMC testing, integrated reverse polarity, and shot circuit
  • Industry-standard AMP termination, 32 mm mounting pitch, North American and European pinout styles, and compact package
  • Eight operating ranges up to 360 degrees

Transportation applications:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-road, industrial, construction, agricultural vehicles and equipment
  • Cranes
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Boat engines

Industrial applications:

  • Valve control
  • HVAC damper control
  • Irrigation pivot control

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Universal MATE-N-LOK

Universal MATE-N-LOK

The Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system is a highly reliable connector system that utilizes pins and sockets intermixed in the plug and cap housings to achieve the maximum electrical performance in a .250” [6.35mm] centerline pitch.  The Universal MATE-N-LOK housings feature positive polarization, positive locking and rear cavity identification in every housing allowing for easy, error proof assembly. The contacts are completely enclosed in housings, have low mating force and are removable to maintain flexibility in the system.  The Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system offers circular, flanged, bulkhead, sealed and colored housing designs to offer a solution for nearly every application.

Key Features

  • .250 [6.35] centerline
  • 600 VAC or VDC, 19 Amp maximum
  • 30 – 10 AWG wire range
  • Available in tin or gold plating
  • 2-10 in-line positions
  • 6,9,12,15 matrix
  • Wire-to-wire (1-15 positions)
  • Wire-to-board (2-15 positions)
  • Available in vertical and right angle headers
  • Available in a sealed version and bulkhead version


    • Appliances
    • HVAC systems
    • Power supplies
    • Fan modules
    • Lighting
    • Wiring harness assemblies

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Limitless Wireless Operator Interface, WOI Series

Limitless Wireless Operator Interface, WOI Series

Honeywell introduces their Limitless Wireless Operator Interface, WOI Series. These devises are wireless controllers designed for a variety of functions, such as, turning on/off equipment including pumps, motors, drives, conveyors and other industrial equipment, open or close gates/doors, or provide notification to remote locations in rugged industrial environments of manufacturing issues. The WOI series are designed to be flexible, allowing the user to choose and install a desired operator (22 mm rotary switch, key switch, or key) or use one of Honeywell’s push buttons.


  • Enables control and/or notification in remote parts of application/machinery/manufacturing plants, where wiring is too costly or not possible
  • Flexibility for users to choose and install their desired operator type; i.e. 22 mm rotary switch, 22 mm key switch, etc
  • Ability to reconfigure and network multiple interfaces, or point-to-point with personalized addresses which allows for adding, subtracting, or relocating Limitless™ inputs easily
  • Reduced installation/maintenance costs with no wiring to Limitless™ switches, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, connection boxes, etc.
  • Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
  • LEDs indicate actuation, low battery, RF signal loss, and pairing function
  • Communication security per the IEEE 802.15.4 standard (16-bit PAN ID, 16-bit address and 128-bit security key)

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The Hose Knows

The Hose Knows

Wouldn’t it be nice if your car told you when your tire is going to blow?  Or your computer told you when it is going to crash?  That’s the thought behind Eaton’s new LifeSense® hydraulic hoses.  Eaton hasn’t found a way to keep you from running behind because of your flat tire, but they have developed a way to make your work flow a bit more stream lined.  Eaton’s LifeSense® hoses offer multiple benefits to the men and women that work with hydraulics, but the two key features it  offers are time, and money.  as it stands, the standard practice for maintenance for machinery that requires hydraulic hoses, is to change the them on a regular schedule, regardless if the hoses could withstand more use or not.  This is a costly and time consuming practice that Eaton’s LifeSense® hoses have fixed.  These hoses actually warn their operators that the hose needs replacing.  This remarkable feature is made possible by a sensor in the fitting that continually monitors the hose, compares it to a base line, and then relays that information to the operator, through either a wired or wireless devise.  The first commercial uses of LifeSense® hoses are in refuse collection vehicles and plastic injection or blow-molding machines.but with the expansion of the product line, applications shall expand as well.

Potential Applications:

  •  commercial turf care
  •  construction
  • forestry
  • drill rigs
  • steel mills
  • hydropower plants
  • amusement parks

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Switchcraft high amperage, sealed/non-sealed, locking/non-locking power jacks and plugs

Switchcraft high amperage, sealed/non-sealed, locking/non-locking power jacks and plugsHigh Amperage Sealed Jacks & Plugs are sealed to IP68, NEMA 250 (6P) when mated. High Amperage Non-Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs are available in locking or non-locking versions.  Both offer 24V, voltage ratings that can automatically switch over from AC to DC permitted by sleeve shunt spring. Up to 11A current rating (carry), and a 5000 cycle minimum life span


• Up to 11A current rating (carry), 24 V DC
• -40ºC to 105º C operating temperature
• Locking/Non-Locking versions available
• Automatic switch over from AC to DC permitted by sleeve shunt spring
• Available in sealed & non-sealed versions
• Sealed versions sealed to IP68, NEMA 250 (6P) (when mated)


• Any sealed data transmission
• Military or industrial GPS location devices
• Instrumentation
• Medical equipment
• Marine Applications
• Transportation
• General industrial electronic applications
• Power supplies

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