3M VHB Tapes


3M™ VHB™ Tapes provide the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener and are ideal for use in many interior and exterior bonding applications. In many situations, they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners.

These tapes utilize a variety of specific foam, adhesive, color and release liner types to provide each product/family with specific features. These features can include adhesion to specific or a broad range of materials, conformability, high tensile strength, high shear and peel adhesion, resistance to plasticizer migration, and UL746C recognition. All 3M™ VHB™ Tapes have excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant bonding
  • Shock absorption
  • Stress distribution
  • Waterproofing
  • Conformability
  • Design flexibility
  • Smooth, invisible appearance

Great for bonding materials such as:

  • Glass
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Metal
  • Sealed Wood
  • Many Plastics

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Eaton’s Bussmann® series Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector


Eaton’s Bussmann® series Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP) is the smallest fused UL 98 switch in the electrical industry and can be panel mounted in a variety of applications. Additionally, the CCPLP can help to easily achieve selective coordination of the electrical distribution system, ensuring reliable power and maximizing uptime. It has a fused switch with an IP20 finger-safe design that delivers up to 200kA SCCR in the most compact footprint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Front, panel-mount design easily integrates into small enclosures and rack PDUs
  • 100kA Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) with Bussmann series SC-20 fuses and 200kA with Bussmann series Class CC fuses helps provide a high assembly SCCR
  • 600Vac rated fusible disconnect eases achieving selective coordination
  • Open fuse indication light speeds troubleshooting
  • Switch/fuse access door interlock helps prevent fuse removal while energized
  • The CCPLP is a drop-in replacement for low profile, panel-mount circuit breakers, while providing more than 10X the interrupting rating

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Mechatronics fans to meet all your cooling needs

Mechatronics Fan Group is a leading resource of DC and AC cooling fans, blowers, added-value assemblies and cooling solutions since 1985. Customers in telecommunications, office automation, medical and industrial sectors depend on the Fan Group for technologically advanced products, superior quality and exceptional service. Mechatronics cooling products are designed to meet the toughest standards of UL, CSA, TUV and VDE.

Mechatronics brushless DC Axial fans offer a wide range of cooling solutions such as:

  • Multiple voltage options available.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP57 rated encapsulation.
  • Alarm output options including tachometer or locked rotor alarm.
  • Speed control options include self adjusting thermistor or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input.
 Mechatronics extensive AC Axial fan offering provides many options to meet your thermal management requirements including:
  • Multiple voltage options available in each series.
  • Environmental protection options available including conformal coating or IP55 encapsulation.
  • High temperature models for operation up to 90 degrees C.

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Honeywell’s FSA Series Piezoresistive-Based Force Sensors


The FSA Series are piezoresistive-based force sensors offering a ratiometric analog or digital output for reading force over the specified full scale force span and temperature range. They are fully calibrated and temperature compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and nonlinearity using an on-board Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Direct mechanical coupling allows for easy interface with the sensor, coupling with tubing, membrane or a plunger, which provides repeatable performance and a reliable mechanical interface to the application.

Potential Applications


  • Ambulatory non-invasive pump pressure
  • Infusion pumps
  • Kidney dialysis machines
  • Occlusion detection


  • Load and compression sensing
  • Variable tension control

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Get Reliability with Belden Instrumentation and Control Cables


Reliability – even in the harshest of environments – is the hallmark of Belden Instrumentation and Control cables. No matter what gauge size, conductor count, insulation, jacket, armor or rating, Belden can help meet your application needs.

No matter what the application, Belden has designed several lines of cables to meet the specific need of each tray-rated environment, including:

  • Product Line Options: 300V & 600V UL Instrumentation Cable, 600V UL Control Cable, 1000V & 2000V UL Control Cable, Thermocouple Cable, 600V Metal Clad (MC) Cable, 600V CSA Teck-Style Cable
  • Conductor Options: Pairs, Triads, or Multi-conductor
  • Gauge Sizes: 20 – 1 AWG standard, 1/0 – 4/0 AWG available upon request
  • Shielding Options: Unshielded, Overall Shield, or Individually Shielded
  • Insulation Options: PVC, XLPE, TPE, PVC-Nylon, FEP, PE/PVC
  • Jacket Options: PVC, TPE, CPE, FEP, Haloarrest

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HSI Sensing’s Spot On leverless limit switches


Spot On leverless limit switches from HSI work faster, farther, and harder than you ever imagined. These leverless limit switches have twice the sensing distance and sense twice as fast as any other switch. They also have vacuum sealed reliability in extreme environments. These switches offer solid, heavy-duty tungsten contacts engineered for rugged performance under both high and low loads, in both AC and DC applications. Their stainless steel housing is built for strength, chemical resistance and long life.

Benefits include:

  • Consumes no power for either switching or sensing and no signal loss
  • Stable contact resistance even in high power, high voltage applications
  • Not gravity sensitive
  • Normally open or normally closed contacts
  • Date-coded for traceability
  • No moving magnets or parts for intense reliability
  • SPDT switching action with 100-watt power rating
  • Epoxy seal provides double layer of protection against shock, vibration and environmental stress

Applications include:

  • Industrial applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Fluid control applications

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Cole Hersee’s 95060 Series Sealed Key Switches

Cole Hersee’s 95060 Series Sealed Key Switches with Integral Connectors are engineered with thermoplastic construction. The fully sealed contact area uses O-rings and ultrasonic welding. These connectors are supplied with two matching keys, with or without a boot. A custom logo can be molded onto the boot. They are also available with multiple key codes.

Features and Specifications:

  • Engineering thermoplastic construction
  • Fully sealed contact area using O-rings and ultrasonic welding to IP67
  • Integral Sealed Deutsch connector
  • Anti-restart option
  • Contact rating: 10A at 12V DC. 5A at 24V DC
  • Tested to SAE J259 for ignition switches

The ACi4400 tubeaxial fan series


The ACi4400 tubeaxial fan series from ebm-papst is a fully compatible alternative to the classic 119 x 119 x 38 mm AC fans, simply upgrade the technology to reduce energy costs. The ACi4400 series has been designed to replace conventional AC fans that use low efficiency shaded-pole motors with GreenTech EC compact fans for the ultimate combination of high performance, compactness, and efficiency.

Primary Advantages: 

  • Highly energy efficient – up to 75% less energy consumption
  • Long service life – up to 85% longer
  • Available with global voltage range of 100-240 VAC, frequency independent
  • Constant speed over the total voltage range
  • Available with protection rating up to IP65
  • Material: fiberglass-reinforced plastic, impeller PA, housing PBT
  • Electronic locked rotor protection
  • Air exhaust over struts, direction of rotation clockwise, on rotor
  • Electrical connection via 2 flat plugs 2.8 x 0.5 mm, flying leads optional
  • Mass: 0.55 lbs

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Protect Your Equipment With Carling Technologies’ Circuit Breakers From Gopher

Carling Technologies offers a complete line of circuit protection products. With a wide assortment of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing, Carling gives you many options including:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Hydraulic/Magnetic circuit breakers provide highly precise, reliable and cost effective solutions to most design challenges. They are considered temperature stable and are thus not appreciably affected by changes in ambient temperature. Carling offers a wide array of hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers from .02 to 700 amps with UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, UL489, UL489A, UL1500 certifications.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thermal Circuit Breakers                                                                                      Thermal circuit protectors utilize a bimetallic strip electrically in series with the circuit. The heat generated by the current during an overload deforms the bimetallic strip and trips the breaker. Thermal protectors have a significant advantage over fuses in that they can be reset after tripping. Carling offers a variety of 3 to 60 amp, lighted and non-lighted, rocker actuator and push-to-reset push button thermal circuit breakers with UL, CUL, CE, UL1500/ISO 8846 certifications.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Equipment leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Breakers                                          Carling Equipment Leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Breakers combine the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker. PB & PC-Series circuit GFCI breakers range from .10 to 50 amps, and are well suited for Marine industries use.

TE Connectivity’s IP68 Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector


TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced its IP68 waterproof micro USB 2.0 connector, an upgrade to the IP57 splash-proof model, to provide stronger protection for today’s smaller and thinner mobile devices against the ingression of water and solid objects such as dust.

TE’s waterproof micro USB connectors use a metal injection molded (MIM) shell to achieve the IP68 standard. The stainless steel metal injected shell replaces the traditional stamped and formed shell — which typically contains a lot of holes and is less usable for waterproof connectors — to provide best possible strength against wrenching and false insertion and reduce the shell height by 0.3mm.

Key Applications:

  • Home Electronic Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearable Devices

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