Panduit PanelMax(TM) DIN Rail Wiring Duct

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PanelMaxTM DIN Rail Wiring Duct is an innovative wire management solution that maximizes space utilization within industrial enclosures for flexibility in panel layout and reduced material and installation costs. The unique design raises components from the panel surface for easier access and faster terminations. DIN rail wiring duct is compatible with common DIN rail and DIN mount components to satisfy a wide range of applications.
Key Features and benefits:
  • Space-saving design – Positions DIN rail and components off the panel directly above an integrated wire management channel for up to a 30% smaller footprint for duct and components; increases design flexibility and component access for easier installation and maintenance
  • DIN rail and DIN component compatible – Compatible with standard mounting rail, including 35mm or 15mm rails and many DIN rail mount components for design flexibility
  • Integrated DIN rail fastening slot – DIN rail mounts directly to product, with self-drilling screws, for up to 50% faster installation (duct and rail) and reduced labor costs
  • Hinged and flexible covers – Attached cover ensures panel integrity, safety, and aesthetics; a built-in, color-matched, co-extruded strip assures cover operation flexibility and easy channel access; L-shaped hinge cover doubles as ledge for easy wire installation
  • Slotted platform and sidewalls – Platform slots (horizontal) manage wire from channel-mounted components; outer sidewall slots (vertical) manage wire from adjacent panel-mounted components; unique finger and slot progression for optimal wire management and aesthetics
  • Channel pass-through slots – Wires can transition internally between channels to ease wire connections to either side of components mounted on the same rail, minimizing wire length and reducing material cost
Panduit also offers a broad cable tie selection that have industry approved styles, sizes, and materials to meet a full range of electrical, industrial, and networking applications.
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Pepperl+Fuchs’ Ultrasonic Sensors

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Ultrasonic sensors are characterized by their reliability and outstanding versatility. Ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs can be used to solve even the most complex tasks involving object detection or level measurment with millimeter precision, because their measuring method works reliably under almost all conditions.

No other measuring method can be successfully put to use on such a wide scale and in so many different applications. The devices are extremely robust, making them suitable for even the toughest conditions. The sensor surface cleans itself through vibration, and that is not the only reason why the sensor is insensitive to dirt. The physical principle—the propagation of sound—works, with a few exceptions, in practically any environment.

Great for use in:

  • Agriculture
  • Building materials
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage
  • Level measurement
  • Material handling
  • Mechanical engineering/machine tool
  • Pulp and paper
  • Woodworking and furniture

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Marinco SEA Link chargers and receptacles

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Marinco offers a number of receptacle and charger products to meet customer needs. Their SeaLinkTM 12 volt family of products are manufactured from corrosion resistant marine grade materials. Exclusive to SeaLinkTM products is Marinco’s unique interconnecting system that securely locks the plug into the receptacle resulting in a positive and moisture-proof connection. The plug and receptacle feature optimized metal connection points for maximum conductivity.
Marinco has recently expanded their durable SeaLinkTM 12V product line by adding the Dual USB charger. The Dual USB charger features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USB’s, a blue LED to show that power is available, and a cover to prevent water and dirt from entering the ports. The Dual USB has a 12 to 24 Volt input with a 5 Volt output, a total of 2.1 amps output between the two ports and is designed for longevity in harsh environments.
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Honeywell’s Industrial Pressure Sensors

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Honeywell’s Industrial Pressure Sensors, Intrinsically Safe1¹, Model IP IS, are a new platform of sensors designed to offer repeatable, reliable and accurate pressure measurements over time. These rugged, stainless steel, all-welded pressure sensors are fully configurable with today’s most commonly requested industry options. They may be used in many demanding, harsh environments and with a variety of media. Each sensor is fully temperature compensated and calibrated.

Potential Applications:


  • Oil and gas industrial process control (gas head control panels)
  • Factory automation/industrial equipment
  • Pump/compressor control
  • Power generation (wind, propulsion)
  • Flammable inventory control
  • Paint booth spraying


  • Construction equipment

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Carling Technologies’ L-Series Rocker Switches

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The Carling technologies L-Series rocker switch is an innovative IP67 front panel sealed product offering total design flexibility, while at the same time setting new standards for performance and reliability. These single or double pole switches feature a broad choice of actuator styles, colors, and lenses. Their versatile design features include a neatly proportioned size that fits into an industry standard mounting hole of 1.734 x .867 (44mm x 22mm), countless unique choices for ratings, circuits, colors, illuminations and laser etched legends. They have up to twelve terminals offering an extensive range of switch and lamp circuit options, including LED or incandescent illumination. Additionally, an optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of wire harness.

Typical Applications:

  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • On-highway transportation equipment

Performance Features:

  • IP67 certified sealed front panel components
  • Withstands temperatures from -40°C to +85°C
  • Vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture and salt spray resistant

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Honeywell’s TruStability® Board Mount Ultra-Low Pressure (ULP) Sensors

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Honeywell’s TruStability® Board Mount Ultra-Low Pressure (ULP) Sensors are able to sense ultra-low pressures from ±2.5 mbar to ±40 mbar [±0.5 inH20 to ±30 inH20] and offer the customer flexibility in sensor implementation. These sensors are available with diagnostics, digital output (can save on interface costs), and can also be scaled to exact customer pressure range in larger volumes. They also have a sleep mode to save on battery power for many portable medical device applications. These sensors are ultra stable and provide high durability amid environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. This makes them useful for a variety of airflow measurement applications as well as liquid flow measurement applications as long as the liquid is kept off the sensing die.

Potential Applications Include:

  • Anesthesia machines
  • Hospital room air pressure
  • Nebulizers
  • Spirometers
  • Ventilators
  • Clogged HVAC filter detection
  • Companies making variable air volume controllers
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) VAV (Variable Air Volume) control
  • HVAC transmitters
  • Indoor air quality
  • Static duct pressure
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Comus Reed Switches


Comus offers a number of reed switch options to meet a variety of application needs. Reed switches are operated using a magnetic field generated by either a permanent magnet or current-carrying coil. Unlike other magnetic sensing devices such as Hall Effect sensors, reed switches require no power to operate. This, coupled with their very high value to price comparison makes them an ideal choice when an application requires high reliability with little to no power availability. Reed switches are available as form A (normally open), form C (changeover) and form B (normally closed).

Types of Reed Switches Include:

  • Dry Reed Switches
  • COTO Technology Reed Switches
  • Mercury Reed Switches
  • High Voltage Reed Switches
  • High Power Switch Modules

Potential Applications include:

  • Automotive
  • Domestic appliances
  • Electronics
  • Industrial applications
  • Position sensing
  • Pulse counting
  • Relay applications
  • Security applications
  • Temperature sensing

Contact Gopher about customization options to help meet your individual needs.

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Gems’ 3600 Series solid-state pressure switches

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Built using our proven thin film sensing technology, 3600 Series solid-state pressure switches offer great accuracy in rough environments. These switches are ideal alternatives to electromechanical types in high cycle pressure applications, or when broad frequency response is needed. When very accurate set points or dead band requirements are needed, 3600 Series switches can be set to very tight specifications. They feature a modular design, with a host of pressure ports and electrical connections available. Switch set, reset and delays can be factory programmed per customer specification, and also modified in the field with a USB programming tool.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptional stability through Sputtered Thin Film Technology
  • No moving parts – highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Long cycle life
  • Fully hermetically sealed
  • Built using Gems’ proven thin film sensing tech

Ideal for use in:

  • Demanding Industrial Applications
  • Medical Gas
  • Off-Highway

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ebm-papst’s 3250J product series

ebm-papst’s 3250J product series!  
These high-performance compact fans measure 92 mm x 92 mm x 38 mm and are ideal for dissipating heat in limited space environments with lower system resistances.
ebm-papst’s proven 3200J S-Force series run at very high speeds to maintain performance against high system resistance. The 3250J S-Panther series is designed specifically for applications with lower system resistances, therefore operating at more moderate speeds so that more performance options are available to you.
Featuring an updated aeroacoustic impeller blade design with turbulator, the 3250J S-Panther series offers substantially improved acoustic characteristics. The sound power of the S-Panther is far lower than that of other fans, particularly in the higher frequency ranges starting at 1250 Hz. Operating at lower speeds, the S-Panther fans also achieve a 20-25% improvement in bearing life over ebm-papst’s higher speed S-Force fans.
Potential Applications:
  • IT/Telecom
  • IT servers
  • IT network devices
  • Switch cabinets
  • Automation
  • Solar Inverters
  • Frequency Converters
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Medical Technology
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Honeywell’s High Sensitivity Latching Digital Hall-Effect Sensor ICs

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The VF360NT, VF360ST, and VF460S High Sensitivity Latching Digital Hall-Effect Sensor ICs are small, sensitive and versatile devices that are operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. They are designed to respond to alternating North and South poles. The VF360NT is turned ON by a North pole, while the VF360ST and VF460S are turned ON by a South pole. This sensor IC does not use chopper stabilization on the Hall element, providing a clean output signal and a faster latch response time when compared to competitive high sensitivity Hall-effect latching sensor ICs which do use chopper stabilization.


  • Qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard for potential use in automotive applications
  • Fastest response time in its class [1.5 μs]
  • Operate from 30 Gauss typical at 25°C [77 °F] and 55 Gauss maximum over the full -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F] temperature range
  • Latching magnetics
  • Repeatable magnetics (no jitter)
  • No additional electronic noise generated by sensor
  • 3 Vdc to 24 Vdc
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • RoHS-compliant material

Potential Applications:

  • BLDC motor commutation for automotive applications: Air input flap to engine, convertible roof position, electronic parking brakes, electronic window lifts and anti-pinch power window systems, HVAC blowers, headlights, power doors, mirrors and tail gates, seat motors, steering, windshield washers and wipers
  • Speed and RPM sensing: Motors and fans; tachometer and counter pickup
  • Flow rate sensing

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