Belden Classics For All Your Cable Needs!

Belden Classic products are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge (AWG) sizes, insulation materials, shielding configurations, and jacketing materials, including Plenum and High-temperature versions.

These Multi-conductor and Paired products offer best-in-class performance and reliability in many different systems.

Belden Classics Cables provide best-in-class performance for a wide range of applications including Industrial, Video, Sound and Security, and Interconnect.

Features/benefits of the Classic line include:

  • Broad range of AWG sizes, shielding options, conductor and pair counts
  • Convenient put-up options
  • Global availability through a network of Belden distributors
  • Polyolefin insulations provide lower capacitance performance when compared to cables with PVC insulations
  • Proven performance in installations worldwide
  • Robust designs that meet or exceed UL standards
  • Tefzel, TFE and FEP insulation and jacket constructions offer higher temperature ratings
  • Unsurpassed quality and reliability

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Honeywell TruStability RSC Series for all your pressure sensor needs!

The TruStability™ RSC Series is a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor offering a digital output for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range. It is calibrated and temperature compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and non-linearity using a 24-bit analog-to digital converter with integrated EEPROM.

Pressure data may be acquired at rates between 20 and 2000 samples per second over an SPI interface. It is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases, such as air and other dry gases, designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards, and is REACH and RoHS compliant.

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Panduit Cable Management For All Your Cable Management Needs!

As technology and equipment have evolved, data transfer and communications infrastructures have become commonplace on the factory floor. Meanwhile, the convergence and integration of electrical, control, and communication systems is increasing the importance of proper cable and wire management.

Robust and secure cable and wire management is critical to performance in the industrial space, but is often overlooked – leading to downtime, repetitive repairs and increased operational costs.

Panduit offers a wide selection of cable and wire management products, from Cable Routing Systems to Cable Ties! Panduit cable and wire management solutions are engineered to stand up to your most demanding requirements, even in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Panduit Cable Management Solutions Include:

Carling Protective Hexboot

Carling Technologies full or half hexboot is the perfect complement to Carling’s line of toggle switches. The boot is compatible with 15/32” threaded bushings and will provide extra protection against the elements in harsh environments.

Product Highlights:

  • Flexible tear-resistant silicone rubber overmolded onto a 15/32” brass hexnut
  • Full hexboot completely covers toggle actuator and bushing
  • Meets ROHS 2011/65/EU directive
  • Inhibits the rotation of switches subjected to low frequency vibration
  • Complementary, cost effective addition to Carling’s toggle switches

Suitable for toggle models: F-Series, G-Series, 110-Series, C-Series, D-Series, DK/EK-Series, H/I-Series, LT-Series.

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ebm-papst’s 4300N Series Makes Wind Not Noise

ebm-papst’s 4300N Series – Quiet.  Powerful.  Efficient.

ebm-papst’s 4300 series design has been updated with the addition of aerodynamically shaped guide vanes on the discharge, innovative winglets on the blade tips, and a smaller, more efficient motor driving the whole package. These advancements work together to provide lower acoustic noise and improved efficiency, all while allowing an increase in the performance range. The result: the new 4300N series!

The free air flow of the new fan series ranges from 59 to 168 CFM, which is an increase of 40% above the maximum air flow of the 4300 series. Acoustic noise has also been lowered as much as 9 dB(A), and the overall fan efficiency level is up to 8.5 percentage points higher.

Target Markets and Applications

  • Automation
  • Industrial
  • IT / Telecom
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Solar inverters

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Mallory’s Miniature Panel Alarm Series Gets an Upgrade

New additions to Mallory’s miniature panel alarm series, 22mm Panel Alarms with LED Lights, mean even more choices and greater flexibility. Just last year, we added models with the capability for both light and sound alarms to this series. Now we are introducing models with two new capabilities: the integration of multi-tone sound options and the ability to independently control sound and light alarms.

Multi-tone Sound Options

Until this new product release, users were limited to models offering only one sound and light option for each model. Now, Mallory is now offering eight new multi-tone sound options in models with either 16 Vdc and 28 Vdc voltage. Each alarm part number can produce 4 different sounds in a single package. These ten different tones are available: continuous, slow pulse, fast pulse, chirp, slow chime, fast chime, slow warble, fast warble, slow siren, and fast siren.

These new multi-tone alarms provide cost savings as well as improvements in safety and efficiency. Applications which require two or more alarm sounds would normally require more than one audible alarm unit. This single multi-tone unit can replace the multiple alarms, offering an overall cost savings in both piece part cost and installation cost. Using multiple sounds on a machine can also improve safety and efficiency since the operator will hear different sounds depending on the issue that needs to be addressed on the machine.

Independently Controlled Light and Sound Models

As mentioned above, for all the currently available 22mm with LED light models (including the new multi-tone models), the LED and sound are internally tied together. If the sound is continuous, the light is on continuously. If the sound pulses, the light pulses at the same time as the sound. What if, instead of Mallory controlling the LED light, the user is given control? This would provide the user with a true two-in-one device where a single physical unit can produce a sound alarm, a light indication, or both. Mallory is offering three new Independently Controlled Light and Sound Models:

  • IC1: Continuous Sound, Continuous LED
  • IC2: Fast Pulsing Sound, Continuous LED
  • IC3: Slow Pulsing Sound, Continuous LED

In other words, in a small 22mm panel package, the customer gets an audible alarm and light where both are independently controlled. This saves the user panel space and overall cost since only one device needs to be installed on the machine instead of separate audible panel and LED panel device. The independently controlled light and sound units can truly replace the panel alarm and panel LED with one single unit since both are controlled independently. This saves space, installation costs, and over-all piece part cost.

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Since its founding in 1933, Omron’s mission has been developing new technologies for the betterment of society. For over 80 years, Omron has done exactly that.

Gopher Electronics is now an authorized distributor of Omron Products. Let us help you find the perfect Omron product for your project!

Some of Omron’s products include:

Relays – Catering to a wide range of Applications including Energy, Factory Automation, Medical & Mobility. Omron offers a range of solutions that include Low signal relays, MOSFET relays, High Frequency relays, Power PCB relays, General purpose and Solid state relays (all of which are 100% factory tested and compliant with applicable safety standards), Omron has a proven track record as a leading supplier of high quality relays

Switches – Don’t lose time or have customers assume that your product is not up to par because of a faulty switch. Omron has been providing quality switches for almost seventy years and continues to be one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Sensors – Omron’s experience in MEMS technology has enabled it to develop advanced micro component sensors ideal for a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Whether your project calls for a microphotonic or non-amplified photomicrosensor, Omron has an optical sensor that is suitable for your most challenging applications.

Connectors – Omron’s complete line of connector solutions is unmatched anywhere in the industry!

Control Components – Omron has a wide selection of control components, including power supplies, temperature controllers, timers, counters, programmable relays, and digital panel meters.

Safety – With potential workplace hazards and a complex maze of standards and regulations, it can be difficult to navigate without the right help. Omron has an unparalleled combination of expertise, products and services that enable us to help you find the best solution to safeguard your most valuable assets-your people-without sacrificing output.

Sensing Solutions – Omron has a wide variety of sensing solutions, including Photoelectric sensors, Mark sensors, Fiber Optic sensors and amplifiers, Proximity sensors, and Measurement sensors.

Switching Components – Omron’s selection of switching components includes electromechanical relays, solid state relays, terminal blocks, monitoring products, and push-button switches.

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Local Robotics Team Wins World Championship

A local Shoreview FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team, Height Differential, won the world championship in St. Louis last month. 

The team had previously won the Minnesota State FTC Championship in February and were recognized with several awards including the 1st place Inspire award. Grant Altenhofen, Akash D’Sousa, John Helgeson and Nick Riedel make up this small Shoreview neighborhood team and are sophomores and juniors at Mounds View High School.

Height Differential competed with 128 teams from all over the world. There were 30,000 attendees at the championship. Team Height Differential ended in a very dramatic finish as 1st place Captain of the winning alliance and they were also nominated as one of four finalists for the Inspire award. 

The team will go on to compete at the Festival of Champions in Manchester New Hampshire in July to join the top eight FTC teams in the world. While there they will compete for one last time this season, tour the FIRST national headquarters and the DEKA Research and Development Corporation and have dinner with Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST and DEKA.

The FIRST Tech Challenge robotics program had about 5,500 teams competing this year from more than 40 countries around the world and Minnesota had 169 teams this year, many of which are located in the Shoreview area and Mounds View School District. 

The team is currently working with other local teams and Mounds View High School to add FIRST Tech Challenge to its existing FIRST FRC program as a recognized student activity consistent in the District with Irondale High School which already has both robotics programs. The team currently receives no support from the school district.

The team thanks its local sponsors ASTER Labs, Inc. of Shoreview, Gooch Gooch Creative LLC of Shoreview,  Machining Technology of Fridley, SEH of Vadnais Heights, and Gopher Electronics of Little Canada.

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Aplus TFT and OLED Displays for all your display needs!

OSI Electronics’ APlus is a high-quality manufacturer of OLED Modules, TFT displays, Graphic displays, Character displays and Custom displays.

OLED’s offer many significant advantages in relation to conventional LCD technologies including:
  • Faster response time
  • High brightness
  • Long lifetime
  • Lower power consumption
  • Thinner/lighter displays
  • Unlimited viewing angle (up to 175 degrees)

TFT Modules

TFT Displays are active-matrix LCDs with full RGB color screens. These screens feature bright colors and have the ability to show fast animations, complex graphics and crisp, custom fonts.
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Open Frame Control Transformers by Majestic!

Single Phase Open Frame Control Transformers by Majestic!

Typical applications for this type of electrical transformer are motor control, machine tool control, control panels, alarm systems, distribution boards etc. The transformers can be step down and step up, or isolation, supplied as open types with universal frames for vertical or horizontal mounting with either terminal blocks, rail terminals or nickel plated brass stud connections.

A wide range of supply voltages can be accommodated on the primary windings at any frequency, typically 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or 400 Hz. In addition, multiple secondary windings can be accommodated anything from a few volts up to several thousand volts. Currents from a few milliamps up to several thousands amps. Complex or high voltage windings may require a larger frame size to be used to accommodate the windings and insulation. Transformers in this range can also have fuses fitted on the top panel.

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